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Gothic Bathroom Decor

Gothic decorating is all about your personal take on what it means to you. It is no different in gothic bathroom decor as in any others in your home. First you consider the basic foundation of the room and then you choose the accessories to complete it.

Gothic Bathroom Decors

Gothic Bathroom Decors

The Basics of Gothic Bathroom Decor

Decorating with a Gothic theme in the room that you do your most private business should be a private decision. As in other areas of your home, it’s all about the mood that you want to create. Do you want it elegant and relaxing? Or do you want it to be a fun eye-opener that you can go into every morning? It’s all up to you.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Gothic Bathroom Decor

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Image of: Wonderful Gothic Bathroom
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Image of: Gothic Bathroom Decor with Red and Black
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Starting with the basics means considering things like your toilet and sink. Do you want a black set or just want to go with the standard white? Either way, make sure to have a matching set. Nothing stands out worse than a white toilet with an tan ivory sink. If you cannot invest in a new one at the moment, search the Internet for refinishing ideas for the time being. Even if it doesn’t wear well, it will give you the extra time to save up to replace it.

With metal elements, such as faucets, you can be a little less picky. If you find a bronze faucet for your sink that you just love, you can always hide the old chrome one in the shower behind the curtain. But don’t mix a silver light fixture in as well. Different metal elements are hard enough to mix in a larger space successfully, let alone in an enclosed space.

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Next, for completing your basics of gothic bathroom decor, you must decide on color. Are you sticking to a black and white theme? Or would you rather have a punch of color? Is so, choose one accent to place around the room to keep things elegant. Even if you are going for a fun room, one major accent color is still best in a smaller space like this.

Accessories for Gothic Bathroom Decor

When decorating with Gothic theme, the overall success of your look depends on the accessories that you choose to complete it. Here are some suggestions:

Lighting: For accent lighting, in addition to your task makeup lights, get a chandelier. This can be made to look elegant with crystals or fun with things like silver charms or fake spiderwebs.

Shower Curtain: Go with a solid color for an elegant feel. Choose it in either your accent color or just a simple black or white. Go for a unique pattern if you are going for a fun themed look.

Shower Hooks: There are many choices in shower hooks that are already available. You can get simple ones in chrome or in brass, as well as fanciful ones. If you can’t find a set that you like, buy the plain ones and dress them up yourself! You hang prisms, charms or anything else that you can think of from the hooks to create a custom look that shows your personality.

Candles: Who doesn’t like a long bubble bath complete with scented candles? Buy some ones in your accent color or a few black or white ones and some fancy candle holders. You can get simple crystal ones for elegance or fun themed ones at your local party store. After getting basic elements of gothic bathroom decor together; it’s the time to add the final touches to complete your room. Decorating your home is personal, so all of your accessories should reflect just who you are.

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