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February 26, 2020 House Design

Gothic Home Design

A gothic home design is one made in a style of architecture that reached its peak in medieval times. This style experienced a revival in the 18th century. The architecture is characterized by leaded glass, steep gables, gingerbread trim, and arches that come to a point at the top instead of arcing smoothly.

Living Room Gothic Home Design

A well-known gothic home design was made famous by the Grant Wood painting American gothic. It exhibits the stripped-down style, called carpenter gothic, which became popular in American homes of the era. It is characterized by windows that come to a point at the top of the arc, and a roof with a steep pitch. It is also made of wood, which was another way the architecture was adapted to make a gothic style house more affordable for the average homeowner. The actual home is located in Eldon, Iowa.

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Creating a Gothic Home Design

Paint an accent wall. Keep three walls a neutral or muted color and paint one wall a deep, rich color. Interior Dezine, a site devoted to interior design resources and information, notes that colors like purple, ruby and forest green were common colors used during the Gothic era.

Install vintage light fixtures. Install a metal chandelier as the central light fixture. Select a chandelier size and style that complements the room without overpowering it.

Hang heavy or ornately detailed curtains. Use a hammer and nails to secure a rod above a window. Interior design and landscape architecture site suggests using velvet curtains to complement a room with a Gothic theme.

Attach pictures of Gothic architecture on the walls. The term “Gothic” is most commonly applied to architecture. Place pictures of Gothic structures, such as churches, on the walls to reinforce the Gothic theme.

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Place an ornate wooden chair in a prominent position in the room. Add a touch of Gothic detail by including a chair that features finely carved wood, preferably with bowed legs described as cabriole in the furniture industry. Furniture Gothic suggests furniture with dark and delicate details.

Place dark colored pillows and textiles on the seating or bedding. Strategically place pillows and tapestries of pleasing textures such as silk or velvet on chairs, couches and beds. Select dark colors that are in line with Gothic aesthetics. For a Gothic home design, the key is to select decorative elements that can be easily altered or removed in the event that the home is put up for sale and hosts potential buyers.

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