Green and White Curtains Always Fresh always Fresh and Never Outdated

Nov 10th
Green And White Chevron Curtains

Recently, while reading an article about colors being used in interior design, we read that green is currently the most popular color in decorating. Green has long been considered a calming and refreshing color. That’s why guests who are waiting to appear on a television show, are usually seated in the “green room.” It just so happens that green is one of very favorite colors, especially if the green is paired with white. One of the best combinations between green and white is green and white curtains. They will give you totally look to every room in your house.

A few tidbits about the history of the color green: Brides in the Middle Ages wore green to symbolize fertility. Dark green is considered a masculine, conservative color carrying with it the implication of wealth. An old superstition kept seamstresses from using green thread on the eve of a fashion show for fear it would bring bad luck. Green is thought to have great healing power; hospitals often use green because it relaxes patients. And when it’s paired with white, it would be a great combination since white is neutral and relaxing color.

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Decorate a Room with Green and White Curtains

Paint the walls a shade of white, cream, light beige or light green if you want to create a soothing, neutral room that’s somewhat monochromatic with only neutral hues. Alternatively, paint the wall with the window a bright color, such as sunshine yellow, lime green or aqua, to contrast with the green and white curtains for a burst of color that serves as a focal point and draws attention to the curtains.

Arrange furniture in front of the windows that pop against the curtains, while tying other pieces into the green and white color scheme. Green and white sofas, beds, dressers and shelves will blend in with the curtains to create a seamless look, even if you alternate and layer the pieces to contrast with one another. For example, place a black sofa in front of the curtains if white is the primary color and place white chairs opposite the sofa. Colorful furniture, such as a red sofa, can be used for a dramatic look.

Add other green and white textiles in the room. Bedding, throws, a rug and pillows will allow you to use different textures and patterns. You can mix as many patterns as you want if you stick to a black and white color scheme and the patterns won’t clash with each other. For example, place floral, striped, polka dotted and gingham patterned pillows on the bed to complement the green and white curtain.

Hang colorful artwork or pictures on the walls if you want the wall decor to serve as the focal point. Alternatively, green and white portraits will keep things classy and provide a soothing of a green and white room.

Accessorize the room with a few colorful items if you stick with the same accent color. For example, weave fuchsia throughout the room by using a fuchsia lamp on a side table or nightstand, fuchsia flowers in a green vase on the mantel or dresser and a fuchsia throw pillow or two mixed in with green and white pillows on a bed or sofa.Green and white curtains will work in a room with a modern, neutral color scheme or a bright and bold room that is updated often. The pattern and style of the curtains will determine the best approach for decorating the room, along with your decorating style and the function of the room. Use the green and white colors from the curtains as a starting point for the color scheme and design in the room.

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