Hello Kitty Room Ideas

Nov 10th
Hello Kitty Rooms

Hello Kitty is actually a family of characters created by Sanrio back in the 1970s, but the most famous character of the family is Kitty White which many people often refer to as Hello Kitty. White, Pink, and Blue are great colors to build up this theme for Hello Kitty room ideas because Hello Kitty is identical with those colors, you can find so many Hello Kitty stuff with those colors in stores.

Wall Decor for Hello Kitty Room Ideas

Look for Hello Kitty wallpaper to decor this room’s walls. Can’t find the right one? Here’s an alternative: Pick a Pink and White vertical striped one or a small flowery one, then add Hello Kitty wallpaper border or stick-up murals as accent. If you want to create your own unique walls, you can first paint the walls white or off-white then paint your own Hello Kitty wall murals on it. Since Hello Kitty’s character has simple lines, this should not be hard to do. Browse the internet to look for cute Hello Kitty pictures to be used as your mural patterns. You can also combine this with Hello Kitty wallpaper border.

12 Picture Gallery: Hello Kitty Room Ideas

Easier way is to look for Hello Kitty peel and stick wall stickers. These sticker murals are not expensive and very easy to apply! Or you can create plain pastel pink or blue walls if you plan to add lots of Hello Kitty stuff into this room later. A simple wall decor can avoid this theme room from looking over crowded.

Furniture, Bedding and Curtains for Hello Kitty Room Ideas

Here is an idea to save some budget. Look for unfinished furniture your kid needs for her bedroom, then paint it soft pink. Wait until it dries then paint Hello Kitty heads on the furniture. Hello Kitty’s head is a simple picture to draw, so it’s certainly a doable work and won’t be wasting too much of your precious time. Just remember not to draw too much of the heads to make your furniture look classy.

But if you don’t have time to do that, you can combine plain pink or white furniture with some Hello Kitty bedroom furniture. Or you can use all plain furniture for this bedroom and emphasize the theme more on the smaller accessories later. This is also a good idea because when your girl get bored and want a new theme you don’t have to look for new furniture. Hunt for Hello Kitty bedding to dress up your girl’s bed. Bed is the centerpiece of a bedroom, so make sure you pick a nice one.

If you’re on a tight budget you don’t have to buy a whole set of bedding, combining a Hello Kitty comforter with plain bed sheet and pillow shams you already have will do just fine as long as the colors match. Look for pink flowery curtains to dress up the windows. Or if you can find some Hello Kitty fabric you can use it to create matching curtains and bedding, it’ll look great.

Accessories for Hello Kitty Room Ideas

Now it’s time to fill up this theme room with small but important details, accessories!

  • Put a Hello Kitty alarm clock on the night table.
  • Look for a Hello Kitty table lamp or get a plain based table lamp then hot glue some Hello Kitty figurines to the base.
  • Give your girl a Hello Kitty plush for her to play with, it can also be a nice accessory to this Hello Kitty bedroom.
  • If you love to do craft work, cut a shape of Hello Kitty head from thick wood, then paint it and use it as wall decor.
  • Get a whole set of Hello Kitty family figurines and display it on a wall rack.
  • Use a Hello Kitty mouse pad if your girl has a computer in her room.
  • Complete this Hello Kitty bedroom with a pink shaggy rug.

To save money and enjoy the beauty hello kitty is to create home decor with hello kitty room ideas. Home, living room, and bed is perfect and if the decor charming style hello kitty. Wow, it’s really such a girly theme.

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