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Hog Wire Fence Designs

Hog wire fence – When you decide that you want to build a barrier around your property. You have many options on the fence and gates to choose from. You will have to consider what the main purpose of the fence and the gate will be in order for you to choose the right materials for the job.

Install a Hog Wire Fence

Install a Hog Wire Fence

Hog wire fence made of wood picket mostly decorative and do not really intended to provide security barrier. White picket fence is generally placed in the vicinity of residential homes to build a page and to add to the beauty of the home. They form the property lines are clear and they will need to be maintained to keep it looking nice.

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Hog wire fence is used around pastures where farmers keep livestock such as cattle. Barbed wire is also used to make fences around the fields where farmers grow food. Barbed wire does not have barbed wire gate. Barbed wire gate will not be strong enough to retain its shape and carry out their duties. Fences and gates made of chain link or wire mesh are most popular in all commercial and residential properties alike. Fencing materials are strong and they require little maintenance to keep them in good condition. Gates can be constructed from the same diamond-patterned woven wire that the side panels are made of. Barriers can be three feet tall and they can be made twelve feet.


Four-foot-high hog cable panels, also some frequent dimensions, include 16-foot lengths, that are ordinarily trimmed in two to create 8-foot segments. For articles, my community landscape builder advocates making use of 4-by-4-inch pressure-treated Douglas-Fir, place in real. Even the stringers (or railings ) towards the very top and underside of this fencing can possibly be 2-by-4-inch pressure-treated fir or redwood. It’s possible to either basic the hog panels into the poles or sandwich the panels amongst 1-by-1-inch bits of redwood to conceal the endings of the cable.

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Many homeowners within my California city are anxious with retaining deer out of gardens, and they frequently times put in a 2-by-12-inch kick-board in the ground to create the total fence 6 ft . You want at that to continue to keep out deer.

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