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Home Bathroom Ideas

Creating a stylish yet efficient home bathroom ideas may seem like a huge chore, but it all boils down to your individual preferences tied with a few organizational methods. Buy decor that suits your tastes, and select tile, countertops and other bathroom fixtures that blend well with your decor. If the bathroom is for your children, ask them to help with decor selections.

Home Decor Bathroom Ideas

Gallery of Home Bathroom Ideas

Tropical Theme – Decorate with a tropical theme if you love beaches and tropical destinations. Paint the walls light yellow or pastel purple. Include plants in the corner of your bathroom, such as miniature palm trees or ivy plants. Select brown or other light colored tile, and install standard porcelain sinks along with a shower and tub. Hang pictures of Hawaii or other beaches on the walls, and fill small baskets with sea shells and other tropical themes. You can also paint hibiscus flowers on the walls to add even more depth to your tropical look.

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Neutral Decor – A neutral bathroom works well for a modern home. Paint the walls light beige or peach, and install white crown molding along the top border of the walls. These colors work well with all sorts of tile and decor. Install marbled brown tiles and cherry wood cabinetry with marbled countertops. Silver framed mirrors work well in a neutral bathroom, but you can also install basic mirrors as well.

Old-fashioned Bathroom – Old fashioned bathrooms include antique fixtures and pedestal style tubs. Pedestal tubs have four legs that sit on the tile. These bathrooms have a classic, yet modern look that is very appealing. Paint the walls light pastel yellow or baby blue. Choose black and white checkerboard tile or rustic brown tile. Other tiles also blend well with this look. Hang old-fashioned pictures of people or farm houses from the 1940s or 1950s on the walls. Stone flooring also looks very nice with this type of bathroom.  Install a double vanity sink with two hanging oval-shaped mirrors directly above each sink. Use towel racks to hang your towels, and place other bathroom items under the sink. Buy porcelain tissue holders, soap tissues and other accessories to blend with the overall decor of the bathroom.

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Bathrooms are primarily functional rooms, but that does not mean they should lack style or visual appeal. The basic things in home bathroom ideas based on combine storage, space-saving decor and well-chosen renovations to create a stylish and utilitarian bathroom.

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