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Home Window Ideas

Man’s first windows were purely functional; they were intended to let light into a cabin or hut and shaded by oiled cloth or stretched animal skins. Then came glass and with it more light. Soon, there was more interest in window design and style, as well as function. Now there are many home window ideas and options in glass and even some in Plexiglas. All come in a variety of frames, including wood, steel, aluminum, vinyl or some composite material.

Amazing Home Window Ideas

Amazing Home Window Ideas

Gallery of Home Window Ideas

A row of wood-trimmed sash windows forms the perfect frame for an incredible view. This style lends a subtle English influence to a dining room, evoking grandeur without being ostentatious. Floor-to-ceiling French doors open an entire wall to a small deck. Light-reflecting flat white paint covers old paneling, allowing for more natural light to flow into the room. A skylight allows for unobstructed natural light in a uniquely structured room. This popular style of window works in any room and can be fashioned with a crank, lever, or handle opener.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Home Window Ideas

Image of: Best Home Window Ideas
Image of: Amazing Home Window Ideas
Image of: Awning skylights
Image of: Hopper (bottom-hinged) windows
Image of: Porthole
Image of: Clerestory windows
Image of: Slanted window wall
Image of: Casement window
Image of: Skylight
Image of: French doors
Image of: Leaded trio
Image of: Traditional sash windows

Slanted window walls of tempered glass combine with a new oak floor and a crisp red, white, and blue palette to create a warm and contemporary interior. The designer chose a primary color palette to reinforce the classic modernity of the window design while giving the room added visual appeal. This style is perfect for high-ceilinged rooms. It allows for maximum use of wall space, which can be outfitted with built in cabinets and shelves, without sacrificing natural light.

Not just a maritime detail, a porthole window can add a chic, modern touch to any room. A bottom-hinged window helps you save usable space while adding a light-filled freshness to a kitchen. Large open able skylights that double as windows fill the area with natural light making it perfect for detail work. Sconces just above the work surface add even more illumination.

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There are four basic designs for home window ideas, each with several variations, including fixed pane, with a single panel of glass permanently sealed in a frame; double-hung and gliding, which open either vertically or horizontally on a track frame; casement, hopper or awning, which open partially or fully with crank mechanisms; and bay or bow, which extend from the wall of the house with panes on the front and sides.

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