Homemade Bars Designs for Outdoor

Sep 4th
Homemade Bars Designs For Outdoors
Homemade Bars Designs For Outdoors

It’s fairly simple to construct a bar out of leftover lumber and materials from other building projects. Constructing framework doesn’t need a lot of detailing, and it can be done in one afternoon. Think creatively to come up with a weather-resistant material to cover the bar. Everything from vinyl sheeting to thin, flexible metal can be used. Strive to build the bar as weatherproof as possible, so rain won’t ruin the facade or the framing. Place the homemade bars designs for outdoor close to your home’s back door, so you can easily take food and drinks outside.

Planning Homemade Bars Designs for Outdoor

Design the Bar – Make drawings of the bar you want to build. Use home and garden books or catalogs to get ideas. Sit at a bar you find comfortable in height to figure out dimensions that will work for you. Consider the size of the stools you wish to use, too. Create a rectangular bar or a slightly curved bar. Build framework from 2 x 4 lumber boards. Cut the top from ¾-inch exterior grade plywood sheets. Trace a pattern on the plywood, and use a ban saw or circular saw to cut it. Let the bar’s top extend six inches beyond framing to make a solid cap to shed rain.

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Design Storage – Plan to enclose most of the bar in the front and on the sides. Screw all parts together tightly with 3-inch stainless steel flat-head screws. Leave an opening for storage beneath the counter and add shelves and sliding doors, if you wish. During seasons you use the bar a lot, place plastic-covered bins inside the bar to hold napkins, paper towels, ice tongs, an ice bucket and candles. If the bar is large enough, you can store charcoal bags for your grill underneath.

Cover Awning and Lights – If you have a strong enough base framework, you can extend the bar’s framework upward to make an awning for the bar. You can cover this area with outdoor umbrella fabric, metal or asphalt shingles. It’s possible to install lights in the awning roof as well. Use exterior grade materials to ensure the lights are protected properly from rain. Battery-powered solar lights can be implemented into the bar as well.

Bar Façade – Install bamboo sheeting left over from old blinds or plastic sheeting over the exterior of the bar. You can also staple on faux leather or nail on exterior grade wood paneling. Cover the serving counter space with faux granite kitchen countertop material. Attach a rail for your feet to rest on as you sit on a stool. Use heavy-duty hardware and 3-inch stainless steel screws to attach the foot rail.

Bar Accessories – You can install overhead shelving beneath the bar’s awning to hold drink glasses, wine glasses and mugs. The shelves can hold cooking supplies and herbs for the grill when you cook outdoors. During a party, you can also place a portable CD player or radio in the shelves.

Homemade bars designs for outdoor provide an exciting atmosphere for spending time with friends and family during warm months. They are a fun focal point for your backyard and act as a serving counter and table. You have many choices for designing an outdoor bar but keep in mind that you should choose a design that has features to best suit your needs.

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