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How to Choose the Best Hardwood Floor Colors?

Choosing the best hardwood floor colors can get your head spinning, because there are a dizzying number of colors to consider. Additionally, custom stains can be added to produce even more distinctive shades. It’s helpful to remember that a hardwood floor is part of your room design and is governed by the same interior design rules as other decorating choices. Keep the size of your room in mind, the light available to the room and the basic color of other furnishings.

Hardwood Floor Color Choices

Hardwood Floor Color Choices

Steps of Choosing The Best Hardwood Floor Colors

Choose a good quality hardwood floor manufacturer. A reputable manufacturer makes sure that the color of all their products are true to color samples. What you choose will be what you get. Also remember that each manufacturer may have a different name for each color. A golden oak from one manufacturer may be a slightly different color at another manufacturer.

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Decide on contrasting color or complementary color. If your furniture is mainly dark-colored, you may not like the look of dark floors with dark furniture. Furniture tends to blend into the total effect. If your furniture is light, you may not want a stark contrast with very dark furniture. Choose a medium tone of hardwood floor. You may want to consider the next owner of the house if you have plans for selling your home in the near future. When doing several rooms, stay consistent throughout each floor of the home, suggests. This prevents a “patchwork” appearance that looks like there wasn’t enough of one color. This makes the decision a bit harder, as you will have to select a color that looks good throughout the house.

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Fine-tune your color selection. Even within a “dark” color group or a “medium” color group there are many tones and shades that can make a difference to the look of your room. Some hardwood floor tones are reddish, others more neutral. Some oaks have a decidedly yellowish tone. Select the shade that creates the best match with other furnishings that will be in the room.

Take a few hardwood floor sample pieces home. If you can get samples of the color, take it home to see how it looks in various types of light. Place it near your furnishings in natural daylight and evening artificial light. The right color will be obvious under this test.

Think about wear and maintenance needs. Dark colors damage easily under high heels and children’s play, but they can also look dusty soon after cleaning. Walnut is medium-colored hard wood that can stand up to children’s play, according to

Wood floors come in a variety of colors and types, from white oaks to ebony blacks. Many different shades of tan, brown and reddish-brown are also available. To pick the best hardwood floor colors, keep those several important factors in mind.

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