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August 30, 2020 Outdoor and Garden

How to Clean Statues in Garden?

Statues in garden are like furniture in your house, keeping them clean is something you must do to make your garden looks awesome. Keeping garden statues clean doesn’t require a lot of effort. You can use items most people have on hand–soap, vinegar, sandpaper–to clean most statues. Which tools you use depends on the material the statue is made of and what type of stains you are trying to clean.

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Steps of Cleaning Statues in Garden

First, prepare all these following items to start the cleaning process:

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  • Dish soap
  • Warm water
  • Bucket
  • Small scrub brush
  • Cloth
  • Wax
  • Sandpaper
  • Fine wire brush
  • Mild cleaning detergent
  • Garden hose

Second step; mix your cleaning ingredients. For aluminum and bronze statues, use dish soap and warm water. You may need to remove rust or peeling paint from iron statues. Use sandpaper before cleaning with soap and water. Stone statues do not need soap unless they are heavily stained.

Third, wet the statue. This can be done with a garden hose or bucket. Next apply the soap or mild detergent if you are using it and wipe the stains away with a cloth. Iron and lead statues may need cleaning with a fine wire brush if there are tough stains to remove.

The last step; rinse the statue with clear water, making sure all of the soap is gone. Allow it to dry thoroughly in the sun. Bronze statues may need a light coating of wax afterward. Make sure the statue is completely dried before it is applied.

Tips for Cleaning Statues in Garden

There are some essential things that you should care before doing cleaning process in order not to do the fatal mistakes:

  • Aluminum statues can also be cleaned by using a mixture of white vinegar and water. Be cautious not to spill this on your lawn as the vinegar can create brown patches.
  • White marble statues can be cleaned by the same method as stone statues.
  • Never use bleach to clean white marble statues. Regular usage can harm the marble. Bleach is also harmful to the surrounding environment and will kill and plants or grass it comes into contact with.
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Statues in garden contribute to the landscape of your garden by depicting a scene or story or just by their presence amongst a backdrop of climbing vines and flowers. Exposed to the elements and all Mother Nature has to offer all yearlong can eventually take its toll, leaving your statue looking a little different than when you first put it there. Cleaning the statues is simple to do. The rewards will be more noticeable when you have a new looking statue to adorn your garden.

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