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November 4, 2020 Dining Room, Furnitures

How to Make a White Dining Table for Christmas

Envision your holiday dining table all aglow with soft candle light, colorful ornaments and glittering snow. Celebrate the Christmas holidays by creating a magical white Christmas atmosphere and decorating your holiday dining table with a festive winter wonderland motif into a wonderful white dining table. While it’s an easy project to put together and one that takes little time and requires minimal supplies, the results will create a beautiful dining experience and will set the mood for an elegant and enchanted evening.

White Dining Table Round For Christmas

Materials for Making a White Dining Table for Christmas

Prepare all these following items to start the project:

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  • White tablecloth
  • Napkins
  • Centerpiece
  • Candles
  • Tea candles
  • Votive candles
  • Candle holders
  • 1 to 3 bags polyfiller
  • Miniature Christmas trees
  • Ornaments
  • Small sleighs
  • Silk poinsettias
  • Gold/Silver glitter
  • Candy canes (optional)
  • Icicle lights (optional)
  • Pre-cut snow flakes (optional)

Steps of Making a White Dining Table for Christmas

Prepare the dining table by first placing a white tablecloth over the surface. Smooth out any wrinkles. An alternate-colored tablecloth such as beige, ivory or off-white can be used, but keep in mind the white polyfiller is going to be dispersed throughout the top of the dining table.

Remove the polyfiller from the bag and begin pulling it apart into strands. Begin the process of creating a snow-covered area by placing the filler over the tablecloth in the middle portion of the table and up to the area where the rim of a plate will be once the plate is in place. Do not place any filler around the edges of table, just the middle center section. Consider this area as the starting point of the project as you will be creating from the center point outwards towards the edge of the table. Spread the filler evenly, but allow the filler to be puffy, creating an illusion of snow drifts. Sprinkle glitter over the polyfiller for contrast.

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Place the centerpiece in the center of the table. Suggestions for a centerpiece include an old-fashioned Christmas sleigh that can be used to hold holiday flowers or scented Christmas candles. The sleigh can also be used to hold a single candle surrounded by Christmas ornaments. A floral Christmas flower arrangement with either artificial or live flowers can be used as a centerpiece complemented with a set of taper candles or a selection of several decorative candles of varying heights. To create the effect of a white Christmas tableau, place miniature Christmas trees among the snow drifts and add miniature ornaments such as small sleighs and ornaments along with miniature presents wrapped in colorful paper.

Set the table with a complete place setting including bread and butter plate, napkin, utensils, water, wine and beverage glasses, if applicable, to determine how much working space will be available for additional decorating. If platters or casserole dishes will be on the table, the amount of room available will be limited. If a buffet is being set up on an alternate table and only condiments will be on the actual dining table, there will be additional room for decorating.

Decorating dining tables with limited space can include strategically placing small votive candles or tea candles throughout the area around the centerpiece area that will not be used. The regular votive, tea, taper or Christmas candles must be placed in a candle holder so hot wax does not drip onto the polyfiller. Do not place candles in close proximity to any items that could cause a fire hazard and do not place candles near condiments or any area where someone will be reaching over the candle. Battery operated tea candles can be placed at each place setting for effect and larger battery operated candles can be placed around the middle and center table area instead of wax candles.

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Decorating dining tables that do have additional space can also be decorated with votive, tea or Christmas wax candles, in holders, or miniature decorated Christmas trees. The decorated trees can be placed throughout the snow and drifts along with miniature wrapped presents, ornaments and candy canes. The candles can also be placed throughout the area but be sure they are not close to any item that could catch fire and do not place any candle in an area where it must be reached over or where it could be easily knocked over. Use battery operated tea candles at each place setting to enhance the atmosphere with the candle glow.

Finish by placing utensils, napkins and glasses. Once the table is completely set, fill in any areas around the centerpiece that look sparse or in need of extra color. Sprinkle extra glitter around the edge of the table near the place settings for color contrast. Before dinner, light the candles and turn on the battery-operated candles to see the overall effect and to ensure the candles are placed to their best advantage. If the dinner party is at night and you want to see your table in its best light, turn off any overhead lighting and then light and/or turn on the candles on the dining table. This will also allow you to see any areas that need adjusting. If you use the suggested tip and have icicle lights draped from the ceiling, having only the icicle lights turned on and the candles lit will also allow you to see any areas that need adjusting, as well as any burnt out bulbs. And your white dining table for Christmas is ready now. Happy Christmas!

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