How to Make Nursing Pillow

Jul 23rd
Twinkle Nursing Pillow
Twinkle Nursing Pillow

Purchased best nursing pillow can be expensive and often do not offer a custom fit. Breastfeeding pillows help you get your child’s mouth to just the right level to not strain your back. They also give your arms a soft, yet robust, place to rest while nursing. Make your own nursing pillow gives you these advantages while saving you money and ensure a custom fit.

Make nursing pillow, remove the belt. Buckle is where you normally wear it, and place it on a large piece of butcher paper. Trace around the tape with a pencil. From the center point of the circle you just made, measuring about 9 inches out and draw a small line. Draw a C-shape around the circle by 9-inch guide. The upper and lower part of the “C” to reach almost all the way around the band circle.

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Make nursing pillow, draw a line 5/8 inch around the C-shape to enable the seam.  Cut C shape. This is the pattern. Attaching the selected fabric. Do this twice so you have two C-shaped pieces of fabric. Sew the wrong sides of the two C forms together leaving an opening in a few inches on the inside curve. Turn the fabric right side out and fill it with your pillow filling. Stop the pillow as complete as you can to prevent future laxity.

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