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How to Make Your Own Catit Fountain

Catit fountain – Cat water fountains are often used for cats with long hair, which the Persians. Cats semi-long coat often get their coats drenched while drinking from a traditional water bowl and a cat fountain allows long-haired cats to drink and stay dry. Commercial cat water fountains are available at your local pet store, but these are usually expensive and difficult to clean. Fortunately for some supplies, you can make your own cat fountain for smaller, and it becomes easy to disassemble and clean.

Amazing Catit Fountain

Amazing Catit Fountain

How to make your own catit fountain fit a standard fish tank filter according to package directions. Selected files should be formed so that the filtered water is expelled from the top, providing a waterfall effect. You can use a filter to two to 10 gallons fish tank. The filter you choose should have an internal pump and run quietly. Rinse the glass beads under running water to remove any debris and dust. Drain off the water. You can find glass beads at your local craft store. Place your clean glass beads in large fishbowl. The amount of beads you need depends on the size of your fish bowl. Beads to keep larger particles out of your cat’s fountain, and keep up the filter so it sits at the right height in the bowl.

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After that to make your own catit fountain, place the filter in the fish bowl so that the top of the filter where the water flees is even with or slightly above the lip of the bowl. Pour water into the bowl. It is best to use filtered water. Place the fish bowl / fountain on a flat, stable surface before plugging in the filter. For safety, plug it into a surge protector.

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