How to Paint a Buffalo Mug

Sep 24th
Top Buffalo Mug
Top Buffalo Mug

Buffalo mug – Using colorful sheen paint for glass and ceramics to make a wonderful holiday gift. With a moderate amount of artistic ability, you can create a clean side of a ceramic or glass mug. Personalize the gift with a brush to write the recipient’s name. Choose small brushes with different tips, such as a fine or a medium flat tip to get the best results. Follow the steps and expect about three hours to complete the entire project.

Paint a buffalo mug, clean and dry the cup and let sits while preparing a place to paint. Cover the work surface with plastic or newspapers with enough space to work. Put on latex gloves and specified color bottles especially designed for ceramics, a damp sponge and grease pencil.  Dip the smallest brush in black gloss and follow the grease pencil outline buffalo horns, nose and scarf. Let the paint dry for a while. Clean the brush. Using the gold color to describe the outside of the circle and let dry. Rub off any remaining grease pencil from the cup. Connect the lines with the appropriate color as a complete description of the image appears.

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Fill in the green circle first and let dry. Fill in the brown color next, and then add the tan color to the horns. Use a steady hand and the finest, smallest brush to clean up small faults with the appropriate color. Create a smooth edge by running the black outline of your finished clean. Add the recipient’s name on the buffalo mug as a last touch and let dry. Follow the instructions on the paint bottles when you place the cup in the preheated oven. Times and degree of heat will depend on each manufacturer.

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