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How to Set Up Mini Bar Under Stairs?

Minibars are commonly found in hotel or bed-and-breakfast rooms, but they are just as appropriate also for placing under stairs. A minibar’s stocked shelves make your guest’s late-night snack cravings easy to satisfy. If you own an establishment, a mini bar under stairs brings in extra revenue. Monitoring your minibar is the key. Make sure you check expiration dates on all added products often since expired food products can make your guests sick.

Mini Bar Ideas Under Stairs

inibar. Mini refrigerators are often used in hotel rooms and can be placed under stairs as well. A cheaper option that doesn’t use any electricity is a fancy cigar or stationery box or a serving tray.

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Line snacks on or in what’s to serve as your minibar. Select a variety of different sweet, salty, signature and healthy snacks, such as brand-name candies, dried fruit packages, pretzels, chips and nuts. If the mini bar under stairs is being set up for someone specific, pick his or her favorite snacks.

Place fruit in a basket. A fruit basket can be included in the minibar even if it isn’t in the same container with your snack options.

Place water and different beverages in your minibar. Alcoholic beverage options can be included. If any guest could be under the age of 21, keep the alcoholic options in a locked refrigerator or place a wine list in the room and allow guests to order these options. Drinks are best served cold. If you don’t have a refrigerator, add a small pail or wine bucket to the minibar that each guest can fill with ice at leisure.

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Set water, wine and other appropriate glasses on a serving tray. Alcohol-related glassware is not necessary if alcohol is not part of the minibar.

Take inventory of the items placed in the minibar. This is imperative if you are charging the guests for any snacks they eat. In a guest room, a proper inventory also pinpoints your guests’ favorite snacks and allows you to restock accordingly.

A home bar provides an organized, personal area for spirit connoisseurs to display and access their beverages. Building a mini bar under stairs yourself saves you money versus hiring a professional and the process itself can be very rewarding, moreover you can maximize the empty space for something useful and interesting. While compact in size, mini bars serve the same purpose as their larger counterparts. Determine which items are vital to your mini-bar and plan accordingly. This is your own area for relaxation; therefore personal touches are always suggested.

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