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August 8, 2020 Fencing Ideas

How to Use a Fence Stretcher

Fence stretcher – fencing must be dense to be effective. When the chain-link fabric is loose, the children and the animals escape and intruders can penetrate the frames. These stretchers are available for installing a new chain-link fence, sharpening an existing and repairing a broken fence.

Fence Stretcher Design

Fence Stretcher Design

Weave voltage field in the chain-link fence three meters behind the front edge of the chain-link fabric. It is important to install the tension bar back from the edge of the fence fabric to reduce the amount of deformation of the fabric and to add strength to the pull of the fence stretcher. Attach a hook of the come-along to a fence post, tree or vehicle hitch. Pull out the cable from the come-along to connect it to the fence stretcher. Make sure the stretcher and fence posts are in line or slightly behind, fence post line. If the fence stretcher directed front fence, the chain-link fabric sit at an angle to the fence posts, which will make attaching the fabric difficult.

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Image of: Fence Stretcher Design
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Image of: Unique Fence Stretcher

Remove the slack from the come-along and make sure all components are fastened securely. Tighten the come-along slowly by working the handle back and forth. When voltage is applied, the fence stretcher and chain-link fabric to ensure that the fabric pulls evenly.  Tighten the chain-link fabric until there is no slack left. Attach fabric fence to fence posts. Release the pressure from the come-along and remove the fence stretcher. The chain-link fence material may sag after the fence stretcher removed. Replace fence stretcher and remove slacker from the chain-link fence fabric of the fence still appear loose.

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