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Aug 21st
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Cattle panel fence – Proper fencing keeps livestock safe, content and content. Larger animals living on a farm setting typically require a fenced area. Cows, horses, sheep and pigs can all roam away from their designated habitat if they do not properly contain. Preferring correct guide depends on budget and type of livestock in question. Always check with regional laws and regulations before deciding on type of fence to use.

For cattle panel fence in a small or medium sized area, tubular panels are appropriate. These panels appear similar to an iron door but are made with posts on each side to place floor. Placed next to each other, panels form a fence. This option is often a first costly investment, but design is robust and panels can be removed and used again in another place if necessary. No flexibility of panels limits shape of space created. This type of fencing works well for horses and cattle.

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To add a rustic touch to a cattle panel fence area, consider a wood near rail. Fence is built using split logs. Thin rails are then tired wire to poles created from same wood. Fencing can be varnished to aid in putrefaction reduction and galvanized wire, used to tie rails, will reduce mold. This type of fencing is suitable for horses, cows and sheep. Pigs may pose a problem with breaking fence, as their resistance level is low. Fencing can be used for large areas or small feathers.

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