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October 21, 2020 Reviews

Ideas to Choose Futon Wayfair

Futon wayfair – Before buying a futon, you need to know some basic facts to be able to make the right decision. This type of bed of Japanese tradition is actually a cotton mattress. Originally designed to be portable, placing it on the floor for use, but to this day is accompanied by a structure, in most cases as a sofa bed. There are 3 types of futons that you must choose according to your tastes and needs.

Amazing Futon Wayfair

Amazing Futon Wayfair

The traditional futon wayfair, ideal small spaces or to transport. It is made from cotton flowers and exists in different thicknesses. The 10-12 cm is the one we can take anywhere and is advised for use in extra beds or to take camping. The 15-18 cm is ideal for beds and sofas, has the great advantage that, as much as it doubles and unfolding is not damaged, unlike other mattresses.

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Image of: Amazing Futon Wayfair

Coconut fiber, for those with back problems. It is much firmer than the previous one and allows the back to be in good posture, which is why it is the most recommended if you have problems or pains in it. They are usually between 15-18 cm thick. Latex, for lovers of flexibility. Elasticity is the main feature of latex futon wayfair, free of polyurethane, which helps to ensure that no gap or shape is marked, but at the same time allows it to adapt to the body. It must be installed only in fixed beds.

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