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Ideas for Black and Silver Bedroom

One of the most elegant colors to pick for your bedroom furniture is black. The black color has a kind of magnetic aroma which gives an adult tone to the bedroom. But at the same time this would reflect you as a very serious person. The tint of black that you use in the room would also talk a great deal about your taste and the attentions to detail you have. You would be amazed to know how many different tints of blacks are available to choose from. Despite that, you should try to select the black and silver bedroom furniture rather than the pure black

Black And Silver Bedrooms Designs

Decorating Ideas for Black and Silver Bedroom

The Walls – The color on your walls sets the tone for the entire room. White walls can serve as a neutral backdrop for the room or you can paint or put up wallpaper. If your furniture is white or silver, paint the wall behind your bed black for a dynamic look. If a black wall is too much for you, consider a silver and black pattern, such as damask, swirls, a diamond grid or geometric shapes. A light bluish-silver or gray color would work as well.

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Furniture – Use white furniture if the walls are dark or if you want something lighter and brighter to balance the room. A colorful headboard, such as red, yellow or turquoise, stands out against white, silver or black walls and adds interest to the room. Black furniture serves your color scheme and will still work in the room if you decide to update your color scheme later. Shiny silver furniture with reflective surfaces adds sparkle to the room, though it may be too much for your entire bedroom suite. Mix it up if you like more of an eclectic look, such as a silver dressing table, a black chest, black bed and reflective silver nightstands.

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While you are looking for the black and silver bedroom furniture, another thing that you need to consider is how much of black or how much or silver do you need. Whichever color is more would give a different meaning to your room. If the furniture that you are choosing has more of Satan black and the silver is just used to highlight the edges, this would give a very contemporary aristocrat look to the room. If with the same you would have silver bedding, curtains and other bedroom accessories, then the room would shine and would look rich and elegant. Similarly if you have more of silver and less of black in your bedroom, you could use black bedroom accessories to balance, this would make your room more near to the room of an elderly with a classic taste.

Textiles – Your bedding, curtains and rug should complement the furniture and walls, while solidifying your black and silver color scheme. A silver bed skirt, black sheets, white comforter and pillows in all three colors will work against darker walls or furniture to keep the look from becoming too dark. A silver duvet with black lace overlay can create a romantic or dramatic feel in the room, while a black comforter with silver designs, such as circles, might work best in a teen’s bedroom. Black lace curtains with silver panels work in a romantic or mature bedroom. Use a gray rug if most of the room is black, or a black rug for a mostly silver room. Alternatively, use a rug with a silver-and-black pattern to incorporate both colors.

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Accessories – Dress the room up with interesting accessories in black and silver. Include a few pieces in a third color if you want to mix it up, such as a couple of throw pillows, a vase or lamp. These items can easily be exchanged for another color, altering the look of the room without spending a lot of time or money. Use vases, flowers, candles, throws, pillows, clocks, artwork and lamps. Hang pictures on the walls, such as black-and-white photos in black or silver frames. Alternatively, use black-and-white posters or art, or let a dynamic piece of artwork serve as the only color in the room.

Black and silver can work together to create an intriguing bedroom or a soothing black and silver bedroom, depending on which color you use as the dominant color in the room. Stick to a two-color color scheme or design the bedroom to add a third accent color that you can easily change and update.

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