Ideas for Canopy Twin Girls Beds

Sep 13th
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The right decoration for canopy twin girls beds can be the beginning of a fantasy room. Small or twin-size canopy beds are frequently left rather plain in the decorating department in comparison to their larger counterparts. The smaller bed offers many options of its own for pleasing decor to make a girl’s room a place she’ll want to hang out.

Twin Girls Beds: Canopy Ideas

Hippie Hangout – For the laid-back girl who likes shabby chic or hippie decor, consider turning a twin canopy bed into a hippie hangout. Keep the girl’s favorite colors in mind when selecting bedding with bright, large flowers or tie-dye prints. Match the colors of the bedding with many large pillows of different shapes and sizes. For the canopy covering, choose multi-colored strands of beads. Strips of colorful beads are available from commercial outlets to hang as curtains. Select the beads to encompass the entire canopy. Attach large silk flowers randomly on the strands of beads for an added touch.

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The Zoo – For a girl who loves animals, transforming a twin canopy bed into a zoo offers a whimsical touch. Many young girls have a large collection of stuffed animals. Some of these are bed buddies while others sit on shelves and in closets. Pull them all out and put them to use. Cover the bed with the girl’s favorite color bedding. Attach fishing line or strong string to a variety of stuffed animals and hang them from the canopy. Place a knot in the string and staple the animal over the knot. Place several small animals on the same string, or only a couple of larger stuffiest. Surround the entire bed with the animal-filled strings.

Pretty Privacy – Even little girls sometimes like their privacy. A single-size canopy bed may be the perfect spot for spending time alone. Give them this place by adding floor length curtains. Due to its small size, two large curtain panels and one small panel in the girl’s favorite color are all that’s typically necessary. Wrap the top of the curtain over the canopy rail and use fabric glue to attach the curtains to themselves. Place the curtain panels on each side and at the foot. Supply fancy, matching tie-backs for each side to hold the curtain panels open when privacy is not required. For full privacy, select solid curtains. For less privacy, select sheer curtains. Add finishing touches to the panels with appliques that match the room’s decor.

Dance of the Scarves – For the girl who loves the idea of an Arabian bed, consider decorating her twin canopy bed with scarves. Wrap the canopy with long, sheer scarves, which are available in the accessories department of most clothing stores. Because of the bed’s size, only five to six of these scarves are necessary. On the sides of the canopy, let the ends of the scarves fall in the middle and the corners of the bed. Let another scarf or two lay from corner-to-corner at the foot of the bed. This simplistic idea is limited only by the color of the scarves and by how you drape them.

Canopy twin girls beds may be as simple as a narrow drape on the wall near the headboard or a full-fledged wrap-around wall of heavy curtains to ward off night chills, but whatever the style, a canopy adds a certain fairytale charm to a room that little girls (and older girls too) love.

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