Ideas for Contemporary Garden Ornaments

Aug 23rd
Unique Contemporary Garden Ornament
Unique Contemporary Garden Ornament

Contemporary garden ornaments can be almost anything, from an ornate four-tiered fountain to a rusty old shovel. They can be simple handmade pieces or elaborate works of art. The saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is certainly true when referring to garden ornaments. The type of ornaments you choose will set the mood of the garden. The use of architectural pieces, gothic statues, contemporary fountains or found objects helps form the bones of the garden. Building the garden around special pieces or adding pieces to the garden creates a space that is truly yours.

Found Objects – Using found objects as garden ornaments is one of the least expensive ways to decorate. You can use old bowling balls instead of gazing balls. You can also arrange them to spell words or names. Broken dishes or tiles glued on a bowling ball can make a garden mosaic. Stacked ceramic tiles can become sturdy pedestals. If you glue them together, they can hold a garden pot or urn. You can turn broken clay pots into toad houses. Use an old ladder as a trellis. Pitchers and watering cans can be planted in and used in the garden. Old birdcages give the garden an added charm whether they’re hanging on a shepherd’s hook or placed on the ground. Make wind chimes out of old silverware.

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Statues and Pottery – Statues and pottery are very popular as contemporary garden ornaments. They can be made of a variety of materials including concrete, plastic, metal, wood and stone. Greek, Oriental and religious statues are commonly found in the garden. Statues of children playing give the garden a sense of energy. Statues of animals such as deer, bears, bunnies or a special pet personalize the space. Pottery used as planters, water gardens or empty urns create eye-catching focal points, nestled between plants.

Fountains – Fountains can make a bold statement in the garden, greeting visitors as they first enter or tucked away in a quiet corner among the flowers. Fountains create a sense of tranquility and serenity in a garden. The music of the water enhances the senses and makes the area more peaceful. Fountains come in many different themes. They can have contemporary shapes such as orbs, boxes or copper tubing or shaped as Greek gods or English three-tiered fountains. Fountains can be simplistic or extremely detailed.

Garden ornaments and statues are popular additions to landscapes. Outdoor decor ranges from the simplistic to the elaborate, the costly to the recycled. Contemporary garden ornaments and sculpture added to any garden are likely to stimulate discussion and curiosity.

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