Ideas for Courtyard Garden Design

Aug 31st
Best Courtyard Garden Design

A courtyard garden is bordered by a high wall and has a sense of enclosure and peace that is difficult to replicate with gardens that are more open. Your courtyard garden design can be airy or slightly overgrown and mysterious; the decorating choices that you make contribute to the final shape that your courtyard garden takes.

Courtyard Garden Design Ideas

Stepping Stones – Stepping stones give your courtyard garden design discrete paths. Not only does a stepping stone path divide your garden into sections, giving you a chance to create different flower beds, it also helps guide guests through the garden, circling the things that you would like them to see. Choose paving stones that are rough and irregular in shape for a very natural look to the garden, or choose paving stones that are perfectly circular or rectangular for a more ordered look.

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Large Planters – If you have a stone or brick patio, the sharp divide between garden and patio can be severe. This sharp change from brick to greenery is jarring enough to disrupt the charm of the garden entirely. To soften the effect, place large stone or ceramic planters on the border between the patio and the garden. Fill the planters with lush grasses or a mounding flower bush. Place two planters on each side of the entry to the garden; alternately, place three planters across the entry to create a walled-off look in the garden.

Statuary – A courtyard garden is a perfect place to feature stone sculpture. Choose to have one large sculpture front and center in your garden or hide several small sculptures throughout it. Small statues of fairies or woodland animals nestled in with the plants will give your guests a pleasant surprise as they walk through. Consider combining the statuary with a water feature like a basin or a fountain.

Birdbath – A birdbath attracts birds to your garden, bringing with them a flash of color and motion. If your courtyard garden feels too still or quiet, brighten it up with a birdbath. Choose a birdbath that is classically made from stone or metal, or select a modern one that is made of painted ceramic and molded into quirky shapes. Add bird houses and bird feeders to make sure that the birds stick around once they show up.

Whether you want the simple look of a Japanese courtyard garden, or a showy flower-filled courtyard, be sure the style reflects your preferences. Knowing your courtyard garden design style will produce a courtyard garden that suits your needs and brings years of enjoyment.

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