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May 26, 2020 Ideas

Ideas for Make Boulder Fountain

A boulder fountain fits wonderfully with the natural landscape and adds a unique element of interest to the garden. Use this fountain as a focal point for a major landscape feature by adding flowers, candles and other decorative elements. The soft bubble from this source will lull you to sleep on a hot afternoon and draw an entertaining array of wildlife to your yard. Birds and butterflies love the fresh water, especially if it is in motion. Constructing this charming fountain during a sunny afternoon with some supplies.

Amazing Boulder Fountain

Amazing Boulder Fountain

Ideas for make boulder fountain choose a level area that is close to an electrical source to install the fountain. Clear away sticks and stones. Measure the diameter and height of 5-gallon bucket. Place two inches of gravel in the bottom of the hole. Fill the bucket with water. Pack the wet sand in the hole around the bucket. This will form with the bucket and hold it in place. Place two clean trays on top of each other in the bottom of the bucket. Set fountain pump on top of the bricks. The upper part of the pump the water hose should be 3 inches above the bucket.

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Cut a hole in the center of the metal grate with a jigsaw. Place the boulders on top of the grid around the water pipe. Arrange, stack and placing boulders in a design to create the boulder fountain. Dig a small ditch in the power cord. Place the power cord into the ditch. Stomp on the ground around the trench to bury the electrical cord. This will hide it and prevent anyone from getting injured by tripping over it.

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