Ideas for Small Office Designs

Jul 7th
Small Office Designs

There are several considerations to bear in mind when designing small office space areas. The goal is to maximize the use of floor space. Functionality is an important feature of small office designs. Take the time to consider the painting of the walls, desks and chairs and lighting when you decide on design ideas.

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Painting the Walls – Select a color that is neutral or opens up a small office space area. Use lighter colors and decorative borders. Dark colors tend to close in areas and make them appear smaller. Use colors such as light green, beige, lemon, tan and off-white for painting the walls. Use a color wheel to select complementary colors for the walls that match the furniture and other items in the office area.

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Contact local artists about painting a wall mural on the walls. A wall mural sets a positive mood for the working environment. Using local artists is a great way to improve the design of a small office space. Many local artists will paint a small mural for no charge to get the additional exposure to their work. Check your local newspaper and art shows to find a local artist.

Desks and Chairs – Select office desks and chairs that match for the entire work area. Steer clear of selecting mismatched chairs and desks. The small office space can look smaller and cluttered with mismatched business furniture. Match the furniture and desk styles with other furniture that is present, if you’re sharing the small office space with others.

Choose desks that provide storage space and maximum floor space. Tall desks with shelves, cubbies and space to hold equipment are ideal. For example, a desk with cubbies and several wide sections to hold equipment is functional and takes up the minimum amount of floor space.

Corner desks are extremely functional for small office designs. The desk provides the utility of traditional business desks, while minimizing the amount of floor spaced used. Equipment can be stored on the top part of the desk and under the desk to get the most from this type of unit. Pull out keyboards take up even less space, but are easily accessible to use for work activities.

Lighting – Lighting is very important in a work area. Ceiling lighting and natural lighting from windows use no floor space. Install florescent lights or even use business-style chandeliers from the ceiling to light the small office space area. Select a location for the small office that is near a window that can let in natural lighting for the area.

Check the lighting from sitting at the office desk. Make certain there isn’t a glare on the computer monitor. Check the lighting at different times of the day. The sun’s angle and position can make working with natural lighting unbearable if the sun is shining directly on faces or computer monitors. If you’re trying to create your small office designs, you can employ several tactics to make the most of the space you have to work with.

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