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Ideas for Space under Stairs

What do you do with that bit of empty space under stairs? It’s been a question that has been long asked. There have been many ingenious answers. We take a look at some of them here.

Space Under Stairs Storage

Gallery Ideas for Space under Stairs

Place under stairs is an ultimate storage area. Built-in drawers and shelves allow storing everything from off season clothes to sports equipment and tableware. This area can also be used as hallway storage with built-in coat racks, shoe shelves and other stuff.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Ideas for Space under Stairs

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If there is enough space under the stairs a powder room could be set there for guests and family. The plumbing issues may arise and careful planning required but in the end there will be a convenient and easily accessible bathroom on the main floor.

Want to hide a washing machine from view? Use the space under stairs to create a laundry nook. You can hide the washing machine by hanging a curtain or creating a nook with a door in a staircase.

No spare room for storing a book collection? Use space under the stairs to create a mini home library. Install shelves or bookcase to house your favorite books and you can even add a comfy armchair and enjoy them every day.

Fill in the space under the stairs with a cozy nook-like seating area. That awkward corner was greatly filled in with a cozy soft sofa and a cute coffee table.

Set up a home office under stairs creating an ultimate working station where piece and quite provides with the right atmosphere for work and mental labour.

Create a house for your pet under the stairs. The staircase can be perforated to create an enclosed space for a pet where you can place its bed giving it privacy and some own space.

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A kitchen or at least it’s significant part can be extended under the stairs to free up more space in actual kitchen. A refrigerator or an oven can be built into the staircase thus saving space in the kitchen as well as hallway.

The space under stairs in your home is often a neglected and under-utilized area. There are many possible choices that you could adapt depending on your space and you will create a wonderful room then.

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