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Ideas Install Kids Futon

Kids futon – Before starting the installation kids futon, make sure you have all the necessary bolts and parts. Apart from the most important pieces mentioned in the overview, you will also need two plastic sliders, 8 fork pin, 8 barrels of nuts, 8 conform at screws and 8 Cottar pins. Your screw unit, very weak, with regular nut and washer replaces the barrel nuts, or some other small change.

Amazing Kids Futon

Amazing Kids Futon

The first step is to attach the arms to the base stretchers. Make sure that the grooves in both arms inward. If they are not, then the kids futon will not work and you will need to take all apart and start over. Slide barrel nuts within the holes in the carrier. Place conform at screws inside nuts. Do not tighten them in place yet. You will probably use all the large screws that you have for this step.

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Use the fork bolts and cottar pin to fasten the seat of the metal kids futon in the back at all pivot points. Since the futon is made of metal, the holes are drilled, and easy to find. Place the sliders along the top edges of each side of the back of the futon. This will help futon fold up and down.

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