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June 8, 2020 Pillow Ideas

Ideas for Make a Long Pillow

Long pillow – Long bolster pillows can provide comfortable support neck while dressing up a window seat, bed or sofa. The pillows can be as thick and long as you want, when you make your own, and allow you to make a cover that is easy to clean and complements your decor perfectly. When you make the pillow, you can easily update the look of the bag by creating a new cover any time you want.

Beautiful Long Pillow

Beautiful Long Pillow

Roll a towel or piece of foam into a tight circle to create the long pillow if you do not have a pillow form. Secure the towel or materials with a large rubber band or piece of tape on both ends. Use a third tie in the center for an extra long bolster pillow. Measure bolster pillow. Write down the length and circumference. Add at least 4 inches of circumference and 8 or more inches in length. For example, a pad measuring 12 inches long and 8 inches around requires materials which are 20 inches long and 12 inches wide. Cut a piece of fabric using the adjusted measurements.

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Place the fabric on a flat surface with the finished side down. Fold the edges in, creating half-inch folds. Fold the fabric again for a clean, professional-looking finished hem. Iron the fold. Sew the hem, or use a fabric glue or glue. Place the pad along one edge of the long side of the fabric with the finished side down. Center the pad and roll it into the fabric until the pillow is completely covered. Pin the fabric in place if you are sewing, or apply fabric glue. Gather the ends of the material on both sides of the long pillow, and secure it with a rubber band.

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