How to Identify Asbestos Roofing

Aug 7th
Asbestos Roofing Sheets
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Asbestos roofing is also called an “acoustic” ceiling or “popcorn” ceiling because of its soundproofing qualities, and it looks a bit like popcorn when it is sprayed on. There is no possibility to tell if you have got asbestos in the roof if you do not have an analyze on the sample. You can either hire an asbestos specialist or you can collect your own samples with great precautions.


If you must take your very own ceiling test for asbestos roofing testing, you must wear protective gears such as a mask, gloves, goggles and others like clothing that covers as much of your body as possible. Prepare the area where you will take a sample from. Put a tarp over the roof area, and turn off any heating or cooling system. You also need to spray the roof area with fine mist containing a few drops of dishwashing liquid to keep the asbestos from becoming airborne.

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Cut a small piece of the roof with a sharp knife or other cutting instrument. You will probably be able to place the sample in a plastic bag to seal and contain it. Either email or removing asbestos roofing sample to a testing facility for analysis. You will want to call a local asbestos testing opportunity to ask how they want to sample submitted. Ask what they recommend you to wear while the ceiling test and also how big of a sample that they need.

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