Indoor House Colors for Painting

Sep 25th
Warm Colors for Your House
Warm Colors for Your House

Choosing the best indoor house colors is a big challenge, and, since painting the walls of your house is often expensive, and certainly time consuming, you want to get it right the first time. It helps to shorten the paint-picking process if you choose from among the most common interior wall paints.

Types of Indoor House Colors

Neutrals – Neutral paint colors are those colors that recede into the background and seem to match everything. When neutrals are painted on the walls, you provide yourself with a blank slate that will juxtapose against anything. Neutral paint colors include khaki, cream, gray, beige and some color combinations like blue-gray, sage gray and plum-gray. These colors are a wise pick, especially if you’re concerned about the resale value of your house. Neutrals speak to everyone and appeal to the most number of people possible.

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Natural Colors – Colors found in nature make a fabulous palette. Colors like sage, country blue and gold are all colors that create a warm, homey, down-to-earth feeling in any room. These colors are usually not too difficult to integrate into the color scheme of the furniture and accessories in the room. The colors look especially nice with hardwood floors.

Bright and Bold – While bright and bold colors, such as plum, lime green, copper and bright blue, present a challenge when it comes to matching your furniture and creating an integrated, fully realized color scheme, they are often the most rewarding as well. Once you’ve decorated your room in a color that is truly you and speaks of your personality, you’ll feel happy and at ease in your own house. Bright and bold colors may seem overwhelming in small spaces and usually work best in large rooms or rooms with a lot of natural light.

Ideas of Indoor House Colors

Small Space Color – Small spaces don’t have to sit devoid of vibrant colors. In fact, a shade of deep blue painted on a small living room space, including the walls, moldings and floors, pull the room together and unifies the room. Monochromatic rooms like these eliminate visual boundaries that oftentimes break up a small space. Brighten up a small space with pure white. Painted in small apartments or a tiny entryway in the home, it makes the room and homeowner feel lighter and instantly adds square footage to the space. Bring in drama and elegance with high gloss paint such as a dark gray. A deep, glossy gray not only reflects light into small rooms but also spatially opens up the space. Soothing sand or taupe colors creates warmth, especially when the color is painted on the ceiling and walls. Neutral in color, taupe paint color looks dramatic with all black accessories such as vases or figurines.

Daring Color – Indoor house colors don’t have to look lonely and dull. In fact, the more daring the paint color, the more dramatic the space. A dining room space the color of burnt orange adds an airy feel that comes from zesty colors like orange. Sophisticated, daring shades of orange look stunning with a black and white floor. Mossy green paint colors used in sunrooms or a mudroom creates a relaxed feel while invigorating the space. Paired with mahogany-toned wood, grassy green gives a modern touch to any space. Deep, mysterious colors like eggplant provide a dramatic presence to the room. Add in neutral accessories in creams, silver and pale blue to complement the rich purple color.

One Wall Color – Accenting one wall in the home using paint exhilarates the space. Like artwork, accent walls draw your eye into the room to create a focal point to admire. Accent walls in vibrant red provide depth to an all-white room. Energizing and bold, shades of terra-cotta radiate warmth and intimacy. A royal blue painted on a bedroom wall creates depth to a room to provide an open yet intimate space. Soft, pale greens offer indoor spaces a soothing, calming backdrop that instantly looks refreshed. Add all white accessories to provide a crisp, clean design. Pick a favorite fabric from a decorative accent like a pillow to use as one of the accent walls in the home. With a few things to keep in mind, and some accessories from your home, you can select indoor house colors you can live with a long time.

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