Inspiring Design Pictures for Modern Home Bars

Jun 10th
Cool Modern Home Bars

Think of the coolest, hippest bar in which you’ve ever spent an evening. Can you recreate that feeling in your own house? Modern home bar may be integrated into your dining room, kitchen or basement. They provide a place to store your liquor and a practical work surface, but by no means do they have to be utilitarian. These modern home bars may be minimal, but they exude style.

Design Gallery of Modern Home Bars

This home bar and dining area features built-in niches to display objects d’art, and for that matter, the bar surface becomes its own work of art.

12 Picture Gallery: Inspiring Design Pictures for Modern Home Bars

This all white modern home bar provides plenty of display and storage space by way of lighted shelves. And check out those stylish bar stools.

If you don’t have the space or the budget to accommodate a built in bar, consider a Mid-Century Modern sideboard that provides concealed storage.

Another option is to purchase an open bar cart that can easily be wheeled around the house. This stainless steel cart is a conversation starter.

You can alter your kitchen island to serve double-duty as a bar. Install clever wine storage at the end, as featured in this modern design.

It’s sleek, and it’s small – just enough space for two (or four, if you’re only serving drinks). Where traditional bars are big, modern home bars, like cocktail bars, emphasize intimacy, giving you a little more room for face time. This is especially good for a home setting, because how many tables or chairs you buy are easily flexible to how much space you have and how many guests you’re going to be entertaining. If you just happen to have a view you love to share for two, one bar table near or on a balcony might be all the home bar you need, where a larger space allows you to mix and match groupings of your friends for a more social experience.

If you don’t already have a genuine full-sized bar, but you want a little more functionality than some tiny tables, you might want to opt for an island bar or console style bar like Delfina Bar Buffet from Nuevo. These work exceptionally well in a loft-style setting where you may not have a whole lot of room to work with, because the highly adjustable shelf design allows for plenty of storage without a permanent installation. And since it’s just a single, slightly large-sized table, it’s easy to move around or out of the way when you aren’t using it.

If you do have a full sized bar, you want to go for cushy, comfortable chairs with a little swivel to them. While a standard bar stool is fine, adding a little plush to home bars creates a more inviting atmosphere. And, since you’re probably less likely to shuffle them around once they’re there, you want to find stools that are going to be comfortable enough for long term use. These Fly Barstools are nice and cushy with just the right amount of lower back support. Plus, the bright colors and little chrome curves are all style, a perfect accent as well as a comfy seat.

There are really two kinds of home bars out there: ones modeled after old school pubs, hardwood and dartboards, and those you’d more likely pair with a cocktail dress and a skyline view. Now, unless you’ve got a whole room to spare, chances are that building your own in modern home bars might not be feasible, but creating your own compact cocktail lounge is a lot easier and less expensive to pull off, especially if your home already errs a little on the side of modern design.

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