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Installing A Bathroom Roof Vent

Installing Proper Bathroom Roof Vent to Reduces Energy Costs

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How to Install Clerestory Roof

Clerestory roof can improve the appearance of your roof and help protect your home against the elements. Installing clerestory roof over already shingled roof, but check with your local building codes before you do this to ensure that you will not put on too many layers. You can easily install roof shingles just like the professionals by following a few simple guidelines.

Amazing Clerestory Roof

Amazing Clerestory Roof

Check the clerestory roof for all limbs, nails or debris that may stand out. Staple the felt on the roof with the help of the staple gun. Be sure to overlap the edges of at least two inches in order to ensure adequate protection for the weather. Mark the center of the ceiling with the chalk and draw a line from that point to each edge of the roof.

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Image of: Amazing Clerestory Roof

Lay a starter strip shingles along each edge of the clerestory roof. Be sure to leave about 5/8 inch hanging off the edge. This starting strip which runs around the circumference will act as a guide to place the remaining shingles. From my point that you collected out, put shingles on the home strip. Secure each shingle with your roofing nails in an orderly manner until you have covered the entire roof. Be sure to encounter each new single towards you previously understood. The goal is to follow the same pattern from the starter tape to each edge. Frequent ridging, trimmings and moldings with roof cement.

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