Installing Composite Fence Panels

Jul 27th
Composite Fence Panels Pictures
Composite Fence Panels Pictures

Composite fence panels – Get big private with a panel fencing. These fences are prefabricated and very easy to set up. You may want to consider the lapped type – it is woven like a basket – because the panels tend to shrink a little with the hot weather. You need at least two people for this project.

First instruction to install composite fence panels you need to dig fence post holes, but do not install the posts. Leave a post of each hole. Set the first post of its hole and fill the space around it with gravel. Then, have an assistant hold the panel prefabricated up against the post while fastening the panel to the post with angle brackets at 24-inch intervals.

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Nail a temporary struts to the post to keep it upright. Switch putting up posts and panels. Fill each entry holes with gravel as you go. Attach the roof strips to the tops of fence panels. Cut off any fence post 2 inches above the fence level and spike on post caps. Fill the post hole with concrete and let it set. Remove the ostrich. Now you can see your landscape with composite fence panels look great.

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