Installing Penny Backsplash – Every Step

Oct 31st
stainless steel penny round backsplash

Penny backsplash – Give your kitchen a traditional style with penny for the backsplash! If you are interested, you can DIY the installation. It is most likely how to install a mosaic tile. Well, there are items to collect for the process. They are; new pennies, metal cutting snips, waterproof tile grout, notched trowel, clear mosaic mounting sheets, rubber tile float, non-toxic grout sealant, damp sponge, waterproof tile mastic, tape measure and cloth.

First of all, you will have the prep the walls. Just wipe them down using a damp rag and let to dry.

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Then, measure the walls to determine the area for the penny backsplash. Thus, the amount of pennies will tell you to collect them.

Wash the clear mosaic mounting sheets to get rid of any debris, dust and dirt attached. Then cut them to 12 by 12 inches of sheets.

Arrange the pennies on the sheet by laying them out to create the preferred design.

After that, just apply water proof tile mastic by using a notched trowel at a 45-degree angle. It is a strong recommendation to work in small sections only for around 3 by 3 inches. This is meant so that the mastic not to dry before you finished the work.

The pennies are ready to take place on the wall. Just press the mounting sheets onto the tile mastic. It is better to let it dry overnight.

Any gap can be filled using half pennies. The metal cutting snips can be used.

Use the rubber float which already applied with waterproof tile grout. Let it to dry around 30 minutes to harden. Then a damp sponge is usable to wipe away any grout excess.

After dry, the last move is to apply non-toxic sealant.

What do you think of that? I believe you can do the installation of penny backsplash by yourself.

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