Interior Design for Small Houses

Jul 8th
Interior Decorating Ideas For Small Houses

There are things related to interior design for small houses you can do to make the rooms of a small house appear larger, such as choosing pale colors or small prints, using task and ambient lighting, and giving the illusion of height with vertical stripes. By limiting the use of accessories, choosing practical furniture pieces and keeping things neat and organized, you’ll find that designing for a small house is not too difficult.

Tips Related to Interior Design for Small Houses

Bedrooms – If your small bedroom does not have space for two bedside tables, you can decorate asymmetrically with a table on one side and a floor lamp on the other. If you want something with more symmetry but you don’t have the space for a table lamp on both sides of the bed, use a wall sconce on both sides. If the space allows, design your room with a functional piece of furniture such as a storage bench or trunk at the foot of your bed. If possible, use sliding doors for your closet.

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Living and Dining Room – To reach the good concept of interior design for small houses, the living room and dining room are often one space. To design a space that flows from one area to the next, arrange the seating in the living room so that it doesn’t obstruct the path to the dining room. You should be able to walk straight into the dining room without having to go around a couch, for example. Likewise, don’t use a room divider such as a panel screen. Choose living room furniture that serves a dual purpose such as storage ottomans, cube storage boxes as side tables, and side tables and a coffee table with shelves. A round dining table lets you seat more people because it doesn’t have corners; you also can use a rectangular, expandable table.

Kitchen – Create more space in your kitchen by designing with built-in appliances such as a built-in oven and microwave. A roll-out pantry is a space saver because it allows you to store items vertically up to at least 5 feet. A pull-out counter or table is a space saver in the kitchen as well. Under-shelf storage racks, under-shelf screw hooks, stacking shelves, tiered shelves, cabinet door lid racks, mounted spice racks and over-cabinet storage baskets all function to keep things organized and to save space.

Bathroom – Instead of a large bathroom vanity that takes up valuable space, opt for a pedestal or wall-mounted sink instead. Above the sink, install a large, frameless mirror across the entire wall to give the illusion of depth. Instead of a bathtub, a walk-in shower with glass or acrylic doors makes the bathroom appear more spacious. Use floor-to-ceiling cabinets not only for more storage but also to add height to the bathroom. Over-the-toilet shelves and a wooden decorative ladder for hanging towels are space-saving storage solutions in the bathroom.

When decorating small houses, it can be difficult to find furniture and decor related to reach the good concept of interior design for small houses that achieves your desired style without overwhelming the room. As you plan a design scheme for a small home, plan with an eye toward simplicity and usefulness to ensure that every piece simultaneously serves a purpose and contributes to the overall style.

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