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Sep 22nd
Ikea Kid Room Designs

Children enjoy sleeping in a room that reflects their passion and creativity. If you and your child are designing a bedroom, think about what types of things your child enjoys, whether he aspires to be an astronaut and plays with rockets or loves running around outside pretending to be a cowboy. Use these predilections to devise a theme for the room, and decide to have your favorite kid room design.

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Action and Adventure – Many children grow up watching spies on television and pretending they’re cowboys. You can design a bedroom that fosters their love of adventure by setting it up with a Western theme, a secret agent theme, an Indiana Jones theme, an explorer’s theme, a pirate theme or a ninja/samurai theme. For a Western theme, paint cactuses and tumbleweeds on the walls, set up a rocking horse in the corner and select a dresser and bed-frame made out of rustic-looking wood. An explorer’s room could have an old fashioned telescope, maps of the world on the walls, a globe and model ships, while a samurai room could display a decorative sword, karate belts and Japanese calligraphy, use a predominately red, black and white color scheme. Sports are also a popular bedroom theme.

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Space – The vastness of the universe has awed civilizations since the dawn of time. You can spark your child’s wonder at the stars and encourage his appreciation of the magnificence of space by designing a bedroom with an astronomy-oriented theme. Put glow-in-the-dark stars on the walls and ceiling in realistic representations of the constellations, or paint the walls as a detailed picture of the solar system. Set up a telescope near the window, and try to find a rocket-shaped bed with matching space-themed sheets. Hang pictures of astronomical phenomena or famous historical space moments, or try to find antique astronomical instruments to decorate with. Plug a sun-shaped night-light in the socket, or try to find a lamp with a sun-shaped shade.

Nature – Kids love romping around outdoors, and there are many environments that fascinate children, such as the rainforest, the desert, the arctic, the prairie, the mountains and under the sea. For a rainforest-themed bedroom, set up some hardy exotic plants or a few fake ones, and hang “mosquito netting” around their bed like a canopy. Have vines growing up the bedpost and the dresser, and paint the wall with rainforest scenes, including the child’s favorite animals and strange plants. For an under-the-sea theme, paint the walls blue with waves near the top and a sandy bottom. Add schools of fish and other marine life, including coral and seaweed, and add a treasure chest with coins spilling out. If your child is old enough, let her sleep on a water bed; otherwise, try to find a bed in the shape of a whale or a ship. Hang a few marine creatures from the ceiling, like a mobile of shells or jellyfish. Set out a jar of shells or sand, or lay dried starfish and shells on the dresser and nightstand.

Fantasy – Boys and girls alike love hearing fairy tales and pretending they’re in alternate worlds. You can design a girl’s bedroom to look like a royal princess’s by painting the walls with pastels or a castle scene, setting up a canopy bed with flowing curtains and adding a special vanity desk with a mirror. If your child likes a certain Disney princess, you could replicate scenes from the corresponding movie and use bed covers with the princess on them, or if your child simply likes fairy tales, you could paint the walls with magical creatures like unicorns and fairies, drape the bed frame with tulle and hang a crystal mobile in the window. For a boy’s room, you can decorate it like a wizard’s chamber by using a dark gray and blue color scheme and setting up or painting magic-related items, such as a wand, a book of spells, a dragon or magical symbols. Kid room design is an imaginative process that allows for a lot of leeway and creativity. A plain bedroom can become anything from a cozy, intimate den, to a theme room from the designer’s wildest imagination. A well designed kid’s bedroom will often capture a child’s dreams or fantasy world.

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