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Kids Bedroom Designs

Kids bedroom designs is an imaginative process that allows for a lot of leeway and creativity. A plain bedroom can become anything from a cozy, intimate den, to a theme room from the designer’s wildest imagination. A well designed kid’s bedroom will often capture a child’s dreams or fantasy world.

Top Kids Bedroom Designs

Types of Kids Bedroom Designs

Outer Space & Beyond – A space themed bedroom would please any astronomer-to-be. You can achieve the theme with galactic-inspired bed sheets, planetary posters and glow in the dark star stickers. Consider using space-themed wallpapers or murals to strengthen up the look, but don’t let the room design become too dark. You can enhance this look by swapping lights and lamps with space themed designs, such as a rocket lava lamp or a moon wall light.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Kids Bedroom Designs

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Dinosaurs – Dinosaur themed kid’s bedrooms are a popular choice, so finding the right decorations and wall designs is relatively easy. Crisp shades of green will keep the bedroom bright while conveying a prehistoric world of vegetation. Large wall appliques of the child’s favorite dinosaurs, along with volcanoes and meteorites will add to the room design. A faux stone finishing spray applied to bedroom furniture is the finishing touch.

Modern & Minimalist – Not all children’s bedrooms need a tangible theme. Going for a modern, minimalist look can be another choice. The look includes clean lines and streamlined furniture, so beds and dressers should focus on functionality, not ornate designs and patterns. Bedroom colors should be a mix of complimentary cool and warm shades. The bedroom walls can be a single selected color or alternate shades on each wall. Paint furniture to match the walls, and select bed sheets to match as well. Use solid black, white or steel lamps for lighting.

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Aquatic Life – An aquatic theme will place a child’s bedroom below the sea. Blue walls dotted with wall appliques such as tropical fish, sharks or whales will convey the look. Alternatively, you can use large murals showing corral reefs or sunken ships. Use a refurbished and painted chest for storage. Hang rope and netting decoratively on the walls for a nautical twist. Use solid blue bedspreads adorned with toy sea life and plush ocean animals. The best ideas for kids bedroom designs include easily accessible storage, craft and play areas, in addition to basic sleep and surface areas. Accessible storage is particularly important if you want your child to clean up her own room.

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