Kitchen Brick Backsplash Tile Ideas and Installation

May 23rd
white brick tile backsplash

Unique and attractive! Brick backsplash tile for kitchen offers easy installation without a lot of budget. Are you interested in installing bricks for your kitchen wall covering and decor? Tools and materials are simple to collect. You can get them all at nearest home improvement stores.

The tools are caulking gun, paintbrush, trowel, rag, safety googles and a bucket of water. Materials are construction adhesive, dowel, grout, brick sealer, brick veneer and ½ inch wooden dowels. Here are the steps in how to install brick backsplash tile.

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First of all cleaning the walls where the brick tiles to take place! Then layout the brick in a small section for a pattern as you desire. So that to have the grout in line, a wooden dowel is usable both horizontally and vertically.

It is time to place the brick tiles onto the walls. Construction adhesive in high strength is to apply. This will make sure of finely installed brick tiles. Just work one layer at a time until you finish the job. In case there are some sections of the walls need smaller brick tiles, use a tile saw. After that, applying grout is the next and final step. Just use a trowel. Then apply sealant after the grout is dry.

Well, you are ready to install brick backsplash tile now!


Setup of the great brick back-splash involves placing brick within an existent masonry base that is located beneath the walls, however brick veneer might be set up in one coating (typically a half-inch to threequarters of an inch thick) finished concrete, metal wood backing, and on occasion directly finished siding together with wall mounted anchors or good adhesive. This briefer, much less intricate setup procedure, and decreased material expenses, helps you to help save you 2 to £ 9 for each square foot when weighed against good brick.

Brick veneers possess the following advantage outside lesser selling value tag: Even though reliable brick offers very little water or insulation immunity, throughout brick veneer setup, moisture-resistant insulating material might be inserted to help avoid indoor warmth from moisture and escaping from bending in.

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