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Do You Know Asbestos Roof?

Asbestos roof – Asbestos is a carcinogen and highly harmful. This material whose use has been banned in European Union since 2005. Although regulation of its use began much earlier. Since 1980s, negative effect on health of this material. Which, due to its resistance, malleability and tolerance to high temperatures. They has been traditionally used in construction materials of all kinds. Especially those related to Roofs, ceilings and false ceilings. Also automotive, packaging, coatings or various packaging.

Asbestos Roof Shingles

In 2000 countries of developed world started banishment of asbestos roof among their construction materials. Spain strictly forbade its use in 2001. After more than six decades of uncontrolled use in all types of infrastructure. Between 1965 and 1984.  All buildings built in our country contain asbestos in its composition. Either in materials or in structural elements Such as false ceilings.

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To heal ourselves in health and make sure that our false ceiling does not contain a trace of this material. Besides freeing us from rest of risks involved in an old false ceiling.  It is advisable to replace false ceilings prior to prohibition of use of asbestos roof in its materials. Especially if we are not sure of its composition. As for installation of a new one. We must make sure that they are constructing with washable and non-toxic materials.

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