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September 17, 2020 Outdoor and Garden

Landscape Ideas for Small Areas

Whether your entire property is small, or you need to landscape ideas for small areas separately from your overall garden design, such as around your garden shed, plenty of landscaping ideas work well for a small space.

Front Yard Landscaping Idea Small Area

Front Yard Landscaping Idea Small Area

Ways of Landscape Ideas for Small Areas

Play With Scale – Smaller plants work best in a small outdoor area, but you can also achieve bold effects by adding a single large element, such as a mature rhododendron, and surrounding it with smaller-scale plants. Also consider using a single large planter as a focal point, with some tall flowers such as cannas.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Landscape Ideas for Small Areas

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Try Miniature Plants – Landscaping for a small area can look especially charming with small-scale plants. Try growing a miniature rose garden, or landscaping with small evergreens. Plants with tiny flowers, such as ground ivy, can also make a great addition to a miniature plant garden.

Add Seating – A small space doesn’t mean you can’t have a seating area. Pave a small spot, and place a small cafe table with chairs in this mini-patio. Edge on two sides with low rectangular planters filled with small annuals such as impatiens or marigolds. Add small evergreens to the corners for a polished look.

Use Hardscaping – Hardscaping should also pay attention to the scale of the outdoor space. Pave a patio area or create walkways with bricks or cobblestones for a country cottage look, rather than using large fieldstones. Retaining walls can use similarly small-scale building materials, or, if larger concrete blocks are the only material available, break up the solid look of the wall by training vines on it.

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Designs of Landscape Ideas for Small Areas

Patio – Landscape a small yard with hardscape, like flagstone or other natural stone pavers, rather than grass. Remove most or all of the grass and create a patio area that you can enjoy. Leave a strip of grass on the side or at the back if you have pets, or you could space the pavers and have grass or aromatic herbs growing up between them. If you decide to leave a space, make sure your furniture will fit onto the stones without falling into the cracks. Add a grill to one side and place a dining table nearby. Build a pergola off the back of your house for shade and cover, and place the dining table beneath it. Enhance your outdoor living space with a separate seating area in another part of your yard. Group four chairs around a fire pit or place two teak lounge chairs side by side. Bring more greenery and color into your landscaping with dwarf fruit trees and other flowering plants potted in containers.

Flower Beds – Sculpt the perimeter of your small yard with a line of flower beds. Make your beds form a straight line or create a free-form shape like scallops or waves. You can border the beds with stacked landscaping pavers and fill them in with mulch or small white stones. Plant a mixture of colorful perennials and evergreen shrubs that bloom for added color throughout the year. You can excavate a small section of your yard close to your house and build a patio with pavers to match the borders of your flower bed. Consider leaving a small section beyond the patio for grass or sod that connects to the flower beds and offers a place for kids and pets to play.

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Waterfall – Create a focal point for your backyard with a small waterfall that empties into a small pond. You can place the waterfall in a corner of your property or anywhere along a fence line. Adding a waterfall to your landscaping is not complicated, but it can be physically challenging. You can find preformed plastic pond liners and preformed waterfalls at your local landscaping supply store. The most important thing to remember about digging the hole for the pond liner is to make sure that it’s level. You can buy manmade stones to cover the sides of your waterfall form, or you can make a hillside with dirt and potting soil for planting flowers. Simplify your landscape ideas for small areas with pavers for an outdoor living area or add layers to the design with flower beds that border the yard. You can even build a focal point like a small waterfall and a pond in one section of your landscaping for a peaceful retreat.

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