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August 31, 2020 Bathroom

Luxury Black Bathroom Decor

Luxury black bathroom may bring to mind visions of expansive garden tubs, imported tile and countertops, and expensive linen. While you certainly want to invest in quality decor for your bathroom, you don’t need a wallet full of money to create an elegant retreat. Shrewd additional color choices, adding texture and art, and a few extras can make even the smallest bathroom seem lush and classy. You can shop at thrift boutiques for one-of-a kind items like mirrors, chairs or even faucets and basins.

Luxury Black Marble Bathroom

Decor Ideas of Luxury Black Bathroom Decor

Luxurious Color – The colors and textures you incorporate into your bathroom decor can bring even the simplest powder rooms a dose of class and luxury. An elegant black in an eggshell or semi-gloss finish paired with white, cream glass or fine metal finishes creates a demure touch. Add spots of rich color in the rug, the shower curtain, the towels, or even with a side chair. Choose soft, luxurious fabrics to counter the black. Whites and creams open up smaller bathrooms, making them seem larger and more elegant. Incorporate white embossed wallpaper or ornate white picture frames to dress the room up and give it depth.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Luxury Black Bathroom Decor

Image of: Black Luxury Modern Bathroom
Image of: Luxury Black Wall Bathroom
Image of: Luxury Black Marble Bathroom
Image of: Luxury Black Bathroom
Image of: Trendy and Luxury Modern Black Bathroom
Image of: Luxury Ultra Modern Black Bathroom
Image of: Luxury Minimalist Black Bathroom
Image of: Luxury Black Bathroom with Italian Style
Image of: Luxury Bathroom in Black
Image of: Luxury Bathroom Design in Black
Image of: Luxury and Charming Bathroom
Image of: Black Luxury Bathroom Design

Bathroom Art – Dramatic wall art can tie your bathroom decor together. For a traditional upscale look, incorporate classic pieces from the Georgian or Victorian eras. Art from the early to mid-20th century, like art deco, adds a cosmopolitan element and a bit of modernity with its simple lines and geometric patterns. For works with softer lines, look for art nouveau pieces. Choose an ornate frame to accent a bathroom with fewer accent pieces and architectural embellishments, or counter an eye-catching piece with a simpler frame, depending on your color scheme and style.

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Glamorous Touches – Add a glamorous accent piece to your bathroom. Replace an overhead light with a chandelier. Look for styles with clusters of glass, crystal or swags if you want a dainty, delicate effect. Contemporary chandeliers in a bold jewel tone like sapphire; emerald or even black can offset neutral colors and add a modern touch to the luxurious style. Bring in a tall candelabra or a faux fur rug to soften up the clean, simple lines most bathrooms have.

Spa and Dressing Area – Decorate your bathroom with pampering in mind. Add decorative and functional pieces to create a home spa retreat, from towels and essential oils in clear bottles to small plants like succulents or wheat grass in hand-crafted pots. Provide a stack of clean hand towels and a stylish hamper for guests to throw used towels in. If you have room, bring in a comfortable accent or vanity chair and even a small vanity dresser for a powdering area. Lay out antique grooming pieces like brushes and combs. Place a bottle of fine perfume, essential oil or hand lotion out for guests or for yourself.

Sometimes the black bathroom may be the more overlooked place in a home. However, it is a relatively simple proposition to transform this more utilitarian room into a luxurious space. There are a few trends in home decor and design that are perfect for adding style and personality to a luxury black bathroom.

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