Make Your Own Cool Darth Vader Mug

Sep 25th
Stylish Darth Vader Mug
Stylish Darth Vader Mug

Darth Vader mug – Now at last I have found the time to succeed a little tweaking. Got an idea the other day to do about the white porcelain I have at home. So I tested on a mug first, and now I have a taste for more, this will be decorated mugs with assorted gold motifs. You need to Make your own cool Darth Vader mug with smooth porcelain mug, color Foil that can be cured in an oven to tableware. I found mine here. Scissor, knife, pen, chopping sand a bowl of water

How to make your own cool Darth Vader Mug; start by drawing up the subject you want on the mug. K Lip out the figure, it is small contours to get out, use a knife and carefully cut out the contours. Add china foil in water and gently remove the backing paper. Put foil figure in china where you want it and press careful with your fingers alt. a small cloth to remove bubbles and water. It is important to ensure that there is no dust between the foil and porcelain.

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After that to Make your own cool Darth Vader Mug, let dry for 24 hours and cured in an oven. In my film, it was that it would harden it in the oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes. Then China would stand in the oven until the oven cools. But be sure to read the instructions carefully, as this may vary depending on the brand.

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