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Making a Jewelry Drawer Organizer

The trick to maintaining your jewelry collection is how to organize it all. If you have an upper dresser drawer that you are not putting to good use, rearrange its other contents to make room for a jewelry drawer organizer. Creating a functional space need not be expensive and can be accomplished in less than three hours.

Jewelry Drawer Organizer Ikea

Steps of Making a Jewelry Drawer Organizer

Before starting your project you should make sure that you have already had all these following items: clear plastic trays, various sizes, muffin tins, drawer liner and paper jewelry boxes.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Making a Jewelry Drawer Organizer

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First step, use clear plastic bins so that you can easily view your jewelry. Select various sizes of bins—for example, the long and narrow bin for storing long wooden spoons is ideal for your longer necklaces.

Empty your dresser or bureau drawer and wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Add a solid neutral-colored drawer liner to the drawer.Lay out the empty bins to ensure they will fit inside the drawer. Organize your jewelry in any way that suites your personal taste. Store your fine jewelry in a separate, more secure area. Silver should be stored in resalable plastic containers to prevent tarnishing.

Place the bins containing your most-used pieces on top. If you have more jewelry than one level of bins can hold, you can stack the bins. Muffin pans are an alternative to clear plastic bins if you’re looking for items to use around your home. They will store the smaller items just as well as plastic bins.

Ideas for Jewelry Drawer Organizer

Teacups – Depending on the height of the drawer, a good tool for organization is to use teacups. This method of organization is good for studier pieces of jewelry, such as rings and earrings. Set three or four cups (it’s easier to organize if they are the same size) into the drawer and place the jewelry into the cups. Make sure to separate the items to keep like items together. This will decrease the likelihood of loss and make it easy to find the items you are looking for in a pinch (the cups are open, so a quick glance will give you what you need).

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Drawer Jewelry Organizer

Cloth Bags – For more delicate items, you should try small, cloth bags. These bags are good for keeping pearls (which are extremely delicate) and any type of gemstones (which can be scratched). You could also use these bags to help keep your silver from getting tarnished too quickly. Small, cloth bags are wonderful space-savers as all they do is keep the jewelry together without having to maintain a definite shape. Keep the various types of jewelry you have separate and don’t fill the bags completely to make sure you can fit them easily in the drawer. If you only have a few small pieces you would like to protect and two or three bags seems like a lot to store, there are bags available that have multiple pouches.

Cloth – For necklaces and chain, your best storage bet is to get a necklace holder. However, if you don’t want to have something like that on your dresser, simply place a piece of cloth into the drawer and fold it to size. Place all of your chains onto the fabric and make sure they are as evenly spaced as you can get them. The problem with chains is that they tend to come tangled. By placing them on a piece of fabric, you minimize the amount they can move around.

For a woman, there is nothing quite like wearing a nice piece of jewelry. The right piece of jewelry can completely make or break an outfit. While it is nice to have expensive jewelry, it is important to make sure it is stored properly to keep it in pristine condition. If you are going to be storing your jewelry in one of your jewelry drawer organizer, you should take some precautions.

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