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Modern Bathroom Interior Design

Water, wood, stone, tile and glass, these are essential tactile elements of the modern bathroom interior. Like a mountain resort spa; purity, aroma and nature are all taken into account when creating your sensuous bath.

Modern Bathroom Interior

Gallery of Modern Bathroom Interior Design

Who needs a visit to the neighborhood spa when you can rejuvenate your mind and body at the privacy of your home. It is hard not to be enamored by the harmonious surrealism of the Overflow bathtub series by KÄSCH. Nature has a beauty that always exceeds our imagination and this series tries to incorporate this though in its design.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Modern Bathroom Interior Design

Image of: Modern Master Bathroom Interior Design
Image of: Modern Bathroom Interior
Image of: The Dazzling Daydream
Image of: Spa Bathroom
Image of: Sensamare by Hoesch
Image of: Sci Fi Bathroom
Image of: S – Designs
Image of: Peaceful Clarity Bathroom
Image of: Oneself Modern Bathroom Concept
Image of: Noah Bathroom Project
Image of: Light by Arlexitalia
Image of: Black Bathroom

Oneself” by Pavel is actually a social commentary on modern culture since single living is rampant. If you are commitment phobic then you will love this concept, as there are no walls and is one big huge space.

It is the bathroom for the rich and the famous as it has been designed by Swarovski and Kludi. The stunning design includes Swarovski crystals, wood, limestone, ceramics, glass and chrome.

At first glance the Noah Bathroom Project from Cerasa can actually be mistaken for a lounge area and here lies its beauty. The project boasts of a theatrical construction that is seldom seen in the bathroom design scene.

S-Designs is an Indian based architecture and design firm and we love their renditions of the modern bathroom. Take for instance the bathroom picture above, which combines the goodness of ancient wellness with the functionality of modern technology.

Look Ma, the Aliens have landed! Relax, we jest but there is no denying that the Sci-Fi geeks will heart the Sci-Fi bathroom from Spiritual Mode. The bathtub looks like a spacecraft and the futuristic further enhance the UFO theme.

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The “Peaceful Clarity Bathroom” takes a harmonious design approach and also incorporates the wisdom of feng shui. The bathroom is my idea of paradise as you also get an illusion of being in touch with nature. In case you are wondering, that big black cylinder is actually a fireplace.

This bathroom design adds a contemporary rhythm to the quintessential by combining glass, modern technology and stunning lighting. It is hard not to fall for the idiosyncratic decadence that Sensamare promises.

It is nothing short of a multi-sensory experience thanks to its stunning design and airy transparency. The entire collection boasts of pristine whites that provide respite from the usual bright tinctures.

If Light was all about openness and purity of the color white then the Total Black Bathroom Interior Inspiration from GSG Ceramic is all about moodiness and sexiness. There is a latent sexuality to the all-black bathroom, which we find extremely hard to resist.

All the above designs are completely committed to the bathroom culture and also highlight the interplay of nature and technology beautifully. The designers behind these modern bathroom interior design concepts straddle divergent artistic trends and also stay true to the primordial properties of a functional bathroom.

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