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Modern Window Ideas

Modern design is characterized by the seamless integration of form and function, innovative use of materials and simple, geometric shapes. If you are working to implement a modernist sensibility into your home’s décor or architecture, windows are an essential component. There are several approaches to modern window ideas. Your choices will depend on how much privacy you need, any views you want to make visible, how much light you want to come in and your personal tastes.

Modern Windows Ideas

Modern Windows Ideas

Design of Modern Window Ideas

Large Glazing Units = A wall becomes like one big window when you incorporate large glazing units. Large glazing units have minimal internal framework providing unobstructed views and an almost invisible transition between the indoors and the outdoors, giving a room a modern, airy feel. During the day, large glazing units create blankets of light that can be subdued with either roller shades or sliding panels. Sliding glass windows can also be seamlessly integrated into a wall with large glazing units.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Modern Window Ideas

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Image of: Modern Window Design Ideas
Image of: Spacious Windows for a Modern Feel
Image of: Window Walls Provide Drama and Stunning Views
Image of: Shingle-Style Keyhole Window
Image of: Narrow Window with Modern Lines
Image of: Doorway Drama
Image of: Enchanting Modern Window Ideas
Image of: Large Windows for a Lush View
Image of: Modern and Stylish Window Ideas
Image of: Modern Bay Window Design
Image of: Unique Window Modern Design

Etched Glass – Etch the glass on your windows with modern designs. Glass etching is the process of treating parts of the glass surface to have a frosted appearance. An etching company wills custom etch the design or imagery of your choice or you can etch your windows on your own using etching cream. Having parts of your window etched will also add privacy and filter some light.

Multidimensional – Rather than having uniform, equally sized windows, incorporate various shapes and sizes. In addition to varying square window sizes, consider incorporating triangle, circle, half-circle, quarter-circle, ellipse or oval windows. When placing windows, think about the outside walls of your house as a canvas for an abstract painting and how window placement can serve to create a visually striking composition.

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Gallery of Modern Window Ideas

A beautiful window is a work of art–a wonderfully shaped break in the wall filled with a stunning view. But windows almost always add function to their form, bestowing a room with light and air. Here are some windows with distinctive shapes that stand apart. The shape of this barrel-vault ceiling gets added emphasis from two winking arched windows above the fireplace. The crisp architecture of the upper windows contrasts with the traditional, wood-frame windows below.

This angular modern home shows off its rectilinear form with a lean window at the end of the kitchen, illuminating a custom-built breakfast table. Wavy receded glass accentuates the window’s long lines and keeps the breakfast setting private from neighbors.

A keyhole window between the kitchen and dining area adds practicality and unexpected charm. Keyholes are a smart way to bring light from a room that has plenty into a room where it’s lacking. In addition, the curved grille and oval shape add custom charm.

When you’ve got a view of sandy beach and endless water, walling off a room seems like cruel self-deprivation. A wall of windows is a dramatic solution when you’re trying to preserve a beautiful vantage. Here, huge picture windows get extra architectural pop from large mullions. The effect melds traditional and modern into one grand view.

This Seattle home used two walls of nearly floor-to-ceiling windows to deliver dramatic views in the living room. Large windows impart an open feel to a room. One drawback: There’s less space to hang art–a problem these homeowners skirt by filling the room with sculpture and architectural artifacts.

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Floor-to-ceiling windows flood this living room with light and afford lush views. A dropped ceiling of sycamore panels and a fireplace wall of cement-fiberboard paneling warm the metal-edged windows, common in modern design. A set of French doors with inset windows extends the view even farther.A window gives any room the airy openness of a sunroom. With those some inspired designs 0f modern window ideas can help you to update looks for creating a room awash with windows.

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