Modernize Light Browns Home Furniture

Jun 16th
Seater Brown Sofa
Seater Brown Sofa

If you’ve had the same old light browns home furniture sitting in your living room for a while, or if you’ve “adopted” it from another home, it may be time to spruce it up, to bring it into the 21st century. There are a number of easy; inexpensive steps you can take that will modernize that old furniture in a way that accentuates your room.

What you need to modernize your old light browns home furniture is only loose pillows. After you prepare those pillows, you can go with the next step.

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Rearrange the furniture for a fresh look. Change things up by repositioning the furniture in a way that gives you a conversation area and allows guests to view the most attractive feature of the room, whether that is a large picture window, fireplace or work of art.

Replace the back cushions of the furniture. If you think that the furniture looks too formal or staid, replace the back cushions with loose pillows that are of a comparable size. Loose pillows offer comfort and an opportunity to change the style easily when you want a new look.

Add a splash of color. If you do replace the back pillows, use a new, vibrant color. Brown is a neutral shade that works well with just about any other color, so use this opportunity to be bold. Consider red, turquoise or orange for a bright pop of modern color. If you decide to stick with the original cushions on the furniture, add throw pillows to introduce that color.

Update the surroundings. If you update your furniture, but fail to change the items that surround it, your room will still look as though it’s stuck in the past. Get rid of anything that looks tired, such as silk flower arrangements, wreaths and brass lamps. Leave the space blank or replace them with something with clean, simple lines for a more modern look.

Declutter the entire space. Ridding the room of extraneous items will make it seem cleaner and feel larger and more modern. The modern trend leans toward minimalism, meaning that the moment you divest the room of unnecessary items, like candy bowls, multiple picture frames and small pieces of furniture, you’ve moved closer to a modern look.

Furniture welcomes friends and family to sit down and relax, but when combined with decorative accessories, the furniture creates a visual impact in the room. When accessorizing your light browns home furniture, choose elements that coordinate with the design of the rest of the room to create a cohesive look.

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