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Jun 11th
Moroccan Pillows Blue
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Moroccan pillows – Decorative pillows can add an attractive touch to the chairs, benches, sofas and couches at home. Although there are many different types of decorative pillows are available in home stores and online, the truth to make your own is much cheaper than and not nearly as difficult as you think. Sew your own decorative pillows; you can customize the size, shape and design of your Moroccan pillows to meet your needs.


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Place a sheet of paper out flat. Use a marker to draw the exact size and shape you want your pillow to be; adding one inch in length and width to be used for the seam. Cut out the pattern, using scissors. Fold the fabric in half. Pin the pattern onto the fabric. Carefully cut out the fabric pattern. You should have two identical pieces of fabric. Decorate the outside of the fabric that you choose: hot glue embellishments such as jewels and buttons sew on patches or applications with needle and thread.

Place the two pieces of fabric, with the decorative sides together. Secure the entire perimeter of the pad ½ inch in from the edge with a needle and thread or a sewing machine. When you have two inches left to sew, thread knot and cut off from the pillow. You should now have inside-out pillowcases. Turn the Moroccan pillows right side out through the 2-inch gap you left. Add the filling to the gap until the pillow is so plush that you want. Sew the remaining 2-inch gap closed to complete the decorative pillow.

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