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Neutral Baby Room Ideas: Free for Any Gender

If you want a baby room that will stand the test of time, make it gender neutral. Neutral baby room ideas save time and money since the same decor can be used for each child. There are many ways to make a baby room work for a boy and a girl; you just have to be creative.

Cute Neutral Baby Room Ideas

Ways to Create Neutral Baby Room Ideas

Colorful Choices – Color is an easy way to keep a room gender neutral. Some neutral colors are yellows, grays, mint green and brown. Create visual interest with these colors by adding stripes (green and yellow, brown and green) or dots (white on gray, yellow on green). As for the furniture, anything goes but make sure you know your colors beforehand so there will be contrast (you don’t want dark brown furniture in a dark brown room).

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Themes – Many people want to use themes in a baby room to make it playful. Make sure you use themes that do not scream boy or girl. Stay away from cars and sports, as that won’t usually work for a girl. Also avoid flowers and frilly materials (ruffles, lace, chiffon), as that usually doesn’t work well for a boy. Some themes that work for either gender are Noah’s ark, Winnie the Pooh, jungle themes, zoo animals, Disney characters and nature themes.

Black and White – Black and white is a classic palette for any room and makes for a sophisticated baby room as well. Paint the walls a shade of gray and use black and white accessories. White bedding is classic and long-lasting. Use black gallery frames for pictures, black and white patterned lamp shades, window treatments and pillows. Consider using punches of gender-specific colors (pink for a girl, red for a boy) in less-expensive accessories that can easily be replaced with the next child if needed (rugs, pillows).

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Furnishings – The furnishings you select should also be appropriate for either a boy or a girl. Don’t use furniture that has been painted a gender-specific color. Opt for wooden pieces–cherry, walnut and maple are all appropriate for either sex. Another option is white furnishings. Choose furniture that will work with the color scheme you have selected. For instance, a cherry wood crib and changing table would pop against yellow walls. Likewise, walnut furnishings would complement red walls. Get the most bang for your buck and select items that will grow with your child and can be used well into his or her teenage years.

Accents – Accents are an important part of a baby’s room, as they help to bring the space to life and inspire creativity as the child grows. Using lace accents in a gender-neutral nursery isn’t advisable, as it tends to be more feminine. To the same end, pictures of trucks likely wouldn’t do well either, as they speak more to boys. In lieu of such gender-specific accents, opt for patterns and items that would work for either a boy or a girl. Linens with geometric prints–such as rectangles, stripes and polka dots–are stimulating and playful. Borders and pictures that contain numbers and the letters of the alphabet are ideal. Create a mobile out of colorful paper lanterns. Print and frame covers to your favorite children’s books and use them as wall art. Place stuffed animals on wall shelves. Use wicker baskets for storage.

Many neutral baby room ideas are appropriate for newborn through toddler-age children, so any time and money spent on a neutral nursery theme is a long-term investment.

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