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Old World Decorating Ideas

The Old World decorating ideas is definitely charming and cozy, but sumptuous at the same time. It speaks of travel, culture, and an appreciation for history. Today’s modern home can still benefit from this particular type of design theme by creatively combining certain Old World touches with newer styles of furniture and accessories. As long as it’s done right, the result can be quite an eclectic delight to the senses. Consider the following tips and tricks to get you started.

Old World Living Room Decorating Ideas

Essential Tips and Tricks of Old World Decorating Ideas

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Invest in an electric fireplace with a mantel – In order to get an Old World ambience (and to keep you warm during chilly days, as well), why not consider getting an electric fireplace if you live in a home that has no provision for a real one? It’s practical, space-saving, and ornamental, and if it comes with a mantel, so much the better! Mantels are great focal points for the Old World style because they can be decorated and custom-fitted with all manner of Colonial details and knick-knacks. You can have a finish carpenter create carved posts to frame the sides of your fireplace, and European-inspired moldings as accents. Add a wrought-iron fireplace grate to lend authenticity to the set-up, and maybe place some fireplace logs near the “hearth”, too.

Drape rich fabrics on your furniture – Old World charm has a lot to do with the right kind of fabric, and it’s usually luxurious and with gorgeously rich jewel colors like burgundy, deep purple, russet, royal blue, and ochre. While well-traveled Europeans typically went for expensive drapes and furniture covers made of brocade, leather, or silk, you can go easy on your budget and opt for more affordable alternatives. What you can do is have tassels, fringes, and embroidery sewn on them, instead. As for artistically displaying them, you can drape some of the fabric on an armchair in place of a slipcover, or have the fabric sewn to make cushion covers and curtains.

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Hunt for Old World flea market knick-knacks – The beauty of an Old World interior decorating motif is that, practically anything goes as long as the décor or accessory has history. That’s not to say that something has to be truly vintage or an heirloom piece (though it would be helpful if you have a few of these!). You can get pretty good stuff from flea markets and estate sales without hemorrhaging money, and even your parents’ attic or garage to decorate your home with. Think of travel-related paraphernalia such as globes, framed postcards of faraway places, tiny brass-bound trunks, compasses, and old maps. You can also display a few well-worn leather bound books on top of your electric fireplace mantel or on a hanging shelf. To avoid falling into the trap of looking like you’re going for a safari-inspired look, soften things by placing some porcelain accessories like Oriental vases and figurines. The trick is to make it seem like you’ve traveled extensively, and have acquired so many souvenirs and mementos which you simply must display.

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