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Aug 9th
Pretzel Pillow Blue
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Pretzel pillow – A patchwork pretzel pillow is a good first quilting project. This small fabric craft projects using scraps or pieces of other cloth sewn together to make a front for a decorator pillow. A patchwork pillow requires a quilt block. Some patchwork pretzel pillow have different overlapping pattern on the front and back, but it is common to use a piece of fabric for the back.

Overlap Technique

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The art of quilting means accuracy in patchwork. Targeted corners and rows of stitches even make the difference between a quality patchwork pretzel pillow and one that does not please the eye. Quilting is different from sewing pressing seams. Quilters press the seams with the edges toward the darker fabric, not the edges divided as in clothing design. By pressing on the side prevents the pad from coming through the seam.

Circles and curves are harder to work with than straight surfaces, and the joint starts patchwork pretzel pillow are squares, rectangles and triangles might. Nine-patch is a usual starting patchwork pattern with nine squares mounted in three rows and three columns. These structures may have a strip of border with 45-degree bevel angles for more style. A log cabin design is easy to do. The quilter starts in the middle with two boxes and put rectangular strips or “logs” in the process counterclockwise until it reaches the desired size patchwork pretzel pillow.

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