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October 12, 2020 Outdoor and Garden

Patio Flooring Ideas

When considering your patio flooring ideas and options for your covered patio, keep in mind that there are many different kinds of products available that may be suitable. Much of the decision will depend on what the space is used for and how it is designed. If it is a screened porch that is built on to your home, nearly any option is viable.

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If it is an outdoor structure with a simple awning, you will want to consider choices that can withstand the weather. This is also a consideration if your space has no heat, because extreme weather conditions can affect how well some types of floors will function. For the attached room, you can use traditional carpeting, hard wood, laminate or any other product typically designed for indoor use.

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If you have many plants in this room and tend to use it as a greenhouse, a product that can be easily wiped clean is probably most desirable. Laminate is a good choice, as long as there are no gaps or seams for water to leak under. You can even use the variety that looks like real hard wood.

Options for Patio Flooring Ideas

Hard Woods, Carpeting, and Tiling – For those spaces that do not have heat, you will want to consider something that can expand and contract as the temperature changes. Hard wood is installed to make allowances for expansion, so it can work very well in such a space.

If the area outdoors and on the ground level, it may be sitting on a concrete slab. You could use the traditional indoor/outdoor carpeting option, though many people do not like the texture or shade of this product. It is durable and can withstand quite a bit of walking and the weather. There are some newer shades available today, in earth tones and more muted greens.

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Another option is the use of deck tiles. While the product’s name implies that it is used for outdoor decks, it can be used to cover outdoor concrete surfaces under awnings or patio covers, but with no walls or windows. Hard wood products such as this are designed for outdoor surfaces and are treated to withstand the elements of rain, snow and the sun’s rays.

More Creative Flooring Ideas – Snap together tiles make covering any hard surface simple. They are ideal for many outdoor situations. These tile products also come in stone, granite and slate, so you can choose harder options if you think they would be more appropriate to your situation. They also snap together, so you do not need to worry about grouting.

An option that many people are using on their garage floors are the interlocking tiles that feel like rubber or foam and are durable enough to be driven over.  These are great for an outdoor porch because they wash easily. Individual tiles can easily be replaced as well, if an unfortunate accident causes one or more of them to be ruined. There are many different color shades and geometric patterns available for this product.

If you do quite a bit of entertaining and grilling on your outdoor porch, this might be the best option. It also costs less than hard wood. If your indoor area is smaller than most rooms in your home, but could benefit from having a soft, yet durable carpet, try looking for new remnants. Many sellers will still install the piece of carpet you need, but you will be saving quite a bit on the carpet itself. Some retailers carry remnants large enough to cover a small bedroom.

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If you think concrete is still the best option and the easiest to clean for an outdoor space, you can try one of the many new outdoor rugs designed for such spaces. They can be made of wool, bamboo or other materials that will dry quickly when they become wet.

To turn that plain concrete slab into a pretty patio that invites outdoor leisure, you need to add decorative elements. One of the more important elements is flooring. There are several outdoor patio flooring ideas and options, any of which is suitable for space exposed to wind, rain, sun and wide temperature ranges.

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